Fowled Reality

Since 2011, Fowled Reality has established itself as a web-based waterfowl hunting show that, throughout the year, provides their viewers with a fresh and unique take on traditional outdoor programming.  Produced with a cutting edge format and staying true to their motto "More than just the hunt", Fowled Reality takes viewers on a seasonal journey from start to finish through the eyes of water fowlers as they follow the migration.  Their videos have a unique way of both entertaining and educating.  Throughout the season, the guys of Fowled Reality experience, as every water fowler has, unforgettable hunts, as well as hunts that they would like to forget. One thing that stays true throughout both scenarios though, is that there is something to learn from each of them.

Fowled Reality does more than just produce videos.  The website consists of comprehensive product reviews, migration updates throughout the season, blog entries and links to partners and their products.

Producers:  Blake Hagemeier, Ryan Breish