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The Worst Hunting Hashtags

These aren’t the worst hunting hashtags. No, the worst ones are so egregious I can’t publish them. But of those that are at least passable for a family friendly website, these are the ones that we can’t keep using. Some are silly, outdated, or both, and others are simply in...

The Big Game Hunter’s Holiday Gift Guide

Big game hunters can be pretty picky about their gear. Whether your version of a big game hunt is a whitetail trip to the lease or a multi-day mountain adventure during the elk rut, we have you covered. Check out this list with good boots, packs, calls and more.

5 People to Share a Hunt with Before It’s Too Late

For most of us, hunting is a personal journey. But that doesn’t mean you always have to go by yourself. Some hunts lend themselves to time alone, but other styles of hunting are more social, and it’s important not to forget the rich tradition of family and friends in our...

Back to Bow Season: Great Deer Hunting Gear for 2019

The gear we take to the woods has a special place in our hearts. And most of us are pretty passionate about the brands we support. If you’re a die-hard gear nut, or if you're shopping for something specific, like a new bow or pack and want to see what...

Tested: Insights The Vision Hunting Pack

I’ve been putting The Vision pack from Insights Hunting through the wringer since last September. If you’ve never heard of this pack, it’s pretty innovative, and you can even strap it to the tree. A full season (and off-season) with this pack has shown me its true worth. Here’s the...

Alpha-Gal Syndrome is a Deer Hunter’s Nightmare

Imagine that you shoot a buck and throw a nice, fresh backstrap on the grill in celebration. You gather around the table with your family for a meal, but after the feast, you fall ill. Rashes. Dizziness. Vomiting. Anaphylaxis. Excruciating stomach pain. That’s exactly what happened to Insights Hunting’s Glen...

5 Reasons to Buy the New Elite Valor Budget Bow

There are a lot of great new bows on the market today. Problem is, most of them that offer flagship-level performance will also pillage your pocketbook. That makes the new Elite Valor worth a serious look. “We heard dealers and bowhunters around the country asking for an affordable bow that...

Choosing the Right Camo Pattern

Camo. If you’ve seen one pattern you’ve seen them all, right? Wrong. Absolutely not. Not even close, Jack. Some say there’s a science to creating quality camo patterns. And there is if you look at the technology side of designing patterns. But if you’re looking purely at how well a...

9 New Compound Bows for 2019

New bows. They’re the single-most awaited product releases each year. Bowhunting revolves around these high-tech stick slingers. And it’s all for good reason — we’re tech junkies, and so are you. That’s why we’re bringing the latest and greatest to a digital device near you. Here are nine new flagship...

Great Camo Patterns for Deer Hunting This Season

It’s that time of year again. We’re going through withdrawals because, for most, turkey season is practically over for another year and deer season is still four or five months away. Hunters are looking at gear. Buying it when their spouses will let them. ( Check out these awesome deals...

8 of the Best Deer Hunting Rifles for 2019

Good deer guns. Where would we be without them? The good news is we don't have to worry about that anymore. We have plenty of options. These eight guns are some of the best deer-hunting options on the market this year. And they all come in Realtree camo.

The Best New Gun Hunting Gear for 2019

Guns. We love them here at You’ll never hear or see us abandon or disown the Second Amendment. We celebrate the God-given right to bear arms. That’s why we were so jacked up at the 2019 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. There were guns and gun-related gear everywhere...