Big Game


How to Practice with Your Bow in Low Light

Most early season opportunities happen in the final minutes of shooting light. Tyler Jordan details his pre-season archery practice routine for low-light conditions. ( Check Out: Why Waterfowlers Need Good Optics )

Use Optics to Sneak to Your Stand Undetected

David Blanton doesn't like to walk to his stand by flashlight. Instead, where possible, he likes to glass areas just after daybreak to be sure deer have moved on. Once the coast is clear, he sneaks his way to the stand. ( Don't Miss: Binoculars for Turkey Hunting )

Binoculars for Turkey Hunting

Culpepper and Waddell glass for mid-morning gobblers on a rainy day, and talk about the advantages of having a pair of waterproof binoculars in your turkey vest. ( Don't Miss: Why Waterfowlers Need Good Optics )

Know the Difference in First and Second Focal Plane Scopes

What's the difference in first focal plane and second focal plane scopes? And does it make any difference to hunters? Rifle and shooting expert Tom Fuller explains the differences to Realtree's David Blanton. ( Check Out: How to Mount a Rifle Scope Properly )

Ride Your Bike to Turkey Hunt

You silently move along a skinny game trail through the woods toward birds you roosted last night on the same bike. You hide your rig inside a natural blind. Confidently you sit, take a breath, raise your camo facemask, and settle in — certain you’ll feel no pressure from other...

Sleeping in the Blind for a Drop-Tined Hoss

Phillip Vanderpool, co-host of The Virtue, is well-known as a big-buck expert. He's tagged some genuine dandies over the years and last season, he added yet another stud of a buck to the wall. The story behind this deer is even more impressive than the antlers, too. Vanderpool has subleased...

How Can These Turkey Hunting Laws Be Legal?

Game laws are intended to limit certain equipment and hunting tactics to ensure a certain degree of fair chase. Unfortunately, some hunting gear and strategies, while legal, stray over the line of sporting ethics. As the saying goes, “Legal ain’t always right.” Take the following examples, for instance. In Maine,...

Turkey Hunting Nation Northeast Update

Pennsylvania, known for its strong turkey hunting tradition, is also home to many award-winning call makers. Both New York and New Jersey hunters also enjoy some decent spring gobbler opportunities annually. Maryland and Delaware, fringe states on a turkey hunter’s radar — and known more for their coastal waterfowling traditions...

Iowa Muzzleloader Buck has "Ground Growage"

Iowa has long been one of the most coveted nonresident deer hunting destinations. For most, it takes three to four years to draw a bow tag. That’s not the case for late-season muzzleloader tags, though. Forget long waits between Iowa trips. “It’s one of my favorite hunts, and you can...

10 Trees That Will Hold Deer on Your Hunting Property

Mention planting for deer, and most hunters automatically assume you are talking about food plots. There is no doubt that a nice food plot will attract and hold deer in an area. But planting trees and shrubs can also be an excellent way to improve the hunting on your property,...

Turkey Hunting Nation Midwest Update

Want to know where to go in the Midwest, get some insider intel along the way, plus details on the current state populations of turkeys and last season’s spring kill? Sure you do. Get your read on with our turkey hunting forecast for these dozen Midwestern states. Ohio The Buckeye...

Cody Kelley's Mississippi Stud

While 2020 does not evoke fond memories for many of us, it was the year of big deer for Small Town Hunting co-host Cody Kelley. He tagged several brutes, including this giant Mississippi whitetail. It all unfolded at the Backwoods Attraction testing grounds in Yazoo County. Kelley and several others...