Big Game


Kentucky gobblers? Waddell says Oh Yeah!

Waddell takes ordinary Joe's and puts them in front of the camera during turkey time.

Bill and Tyler team up for turkeys and whitetails

Bill and Tyler chase longbeards and whitetails in their home state of Georgia.

Road Trippin' in Colorado for big ol' mule deer

Waddell and Rhet Akins head to Colorado to chase mule deer and whitetails.

Blanton and Shockey go after Vancouver bears

David Blanton and Jim Shockey do some bear hunting near Vancouver Island.

A Plains Game Paradise

I have been a whitetail deer hunter for the better part of my life. Throughout this journey I have seen many wonderful places. The United States and Canada certainly have an assortment of big game and offer some of the most scenic and breathtaking vistas in the Northern Hemisphere, but...

Waddell shares his thoughts on camo guns

What is the advantage of a camo gun versus an undipped gun? Waddell explains.

Bill and Michael discuss the perfect stand height

How high should you hang your tree stand? Take notes as Bill and Michael discuss.

Bill and Michael discuss how to control your emotion

Learn how emotion can make or break you when it's game time. Bill and Micheal discuss how to control it.

Bill and Michael share tips on stand placement

Stand placement is key for success, but it may not be as hard as you think. See what Bill and Michael have to say.

Chuck Adams shares tips on grunting in whitetails

Chuck Adams explains how to grunt in whitetails after you've rattled them in.

Chuck Adams on rangefinders

Thinking about buying a rangefinder? See what Chuck has to say on them.

David Blanton talks ground blinds

David Blanton shares his tips on how to get the most out of a ground blind.