Black-Tailed Deer


Should You Notch Your Tag on a Lost Deer?

If you wound a deer and don’t recover it, does that mean you should fill your tag anyway and quit hunting? A growing number of hunters seem to think it’s the right thing to do – but is it really? It’s not a simple thing to answer. It Happens to...

The Big Game Hunter’s Holiday Gift Guide

Big game hunters can be pretty picky about their gear. Whether your version of a big game hunt is a whitetail trip to the lease or a multi-day mountain adventure during the elk rut, we have you covered. Check out this list with good boots, packs, calls and more.

5 People to Share a Hunt with Before It’s Too Late

For most of us, hunting is a personal journey. But that doesn’t mean you always have to go by yourself. Some hunts lend themselves to time alone, but other styles of hunting are more social, and it’s important not to forget the rich tradition of family and friends in our...

How to Clean a Deer on Your Tailgate

Back to Bow Season: Great Deer Hunting Gear for 2019

The gear we take to the woods has a special place in our hearts. And most of us are pretty passionate about the brands we support. If you’re a die-hard gear nut, or if you're shopping for something specific, like a new bow or pack and want to see what...

Tested: Insights The Vision Hunting Pack

I’ve been putting The Vision pack from Insights Hunting through the wringer since last September. If you’ve never heard of this pack, it’s pretty innovative, and you can even strap it to the tree. A full season (and off-season) with this pack has shown me its true worth. Here’s the...

How to Make $15 Watering Holes for Deer

When deer rise from their beds in the evening, studies have shown they generally go to water before going to food. Yet, water as part of a hunting strategy is often overlooked. Creating water sources in areas where deer might not have immediate access to it is very beneficial. In...

Alpha-Gal Syndrome is a Deer Hunter’s Nightmare

Imagine that you shoot a buck and throw a nice, fresh backstrap on the grill in celebration. You gather around the table with your family for a meal, but after the feast, you fall ill. Rashes. Dizziness. Vomiting. Anaphylaxis. Excruciating stomach pain. That’s exactly what happened to Insights Hunting’s Glen...

10 Virtues of Good Deer Hunters

Virtues are instilled in us at an early age, but perfecting them takes a lifetime. Just as being virtuous is an important part of our humanity, it’s also important to who we are as deer hunters. Here are 10 virtues that directly impact your deer hunting success and enjoyment. The...

10 Skills for Backwoods Survival

Being self-sufficient and able to survive in the absence of modern conveniences isn't just for doomsday preppers. It's necessary for all hunters. Plus, there's a great deal of confidence and satisfaction that comes with being self-reliant. These are skills everyone should know, and if you can master them all, you'll...

Know H2O: How to Purify Drinking Water

You’re way off the grid on a wilderness elk or mulie hunt, and you've run out of water. You find a creek. You're thirsty. But is it free of disease and safe to drink? If you don't purify it, chances are that it isn't. You can only survive about three...

7 Expert Big Game Hunting Tips from the Pros

The experts. They know a thing or three about bringing down big game. That’s why we’ve tapped into the Realtree pro staff to dig into their knowledge of the animals they pursue. Here are seven top tips for hunting the big ones.