'Coywolf' Populations on the Rise

They can be 40 percent larger than the typical coyote with powerful wolf-like jaws, and their population is on the rise. “Coywolfs,” as they are called, have been spotted roaming around West Virginia, the land north of the Great Lakes and even in New York City. And, there are credible...

Coyotes Chase Man and His Dog

Last week, Nick Mendoza woke up to the screams of an animal being killed in his own Burbank, California neighborhood. When he looked out his window, he saw seven or eight coyotes running across his yard. But, that’s not the scariest part. Two nights later, while walking his elderly 130-pound...

Puppy Rescued by Woman Turns Out to be Possibly Rabid Coyote

Cheyenne Harboe says she was just trying to do a good thing when she scooped up what she thought was a puppy in need, wrapped it in a blanket and took it to the local veterinary clinic. But when the Fort Worth woman arrived at the vet with the pup,...

Turkey Calling and Coyote Shooting

Texas. A bright-eyed but toothsome head popped up in range where we thought a turkey might. I’d been calling steadily on a mouth diaphragm. The coyote paused, looking hard at us, as I whispered to the high-school football player guiding me and a buddy on the land: “Shoot him?” “You’d...

6,000 Coyotes Turned in to Utah’s Bounty Program Amid Claims the Program Will Fail

Since last September, hunters have turned in more than 6,000 dead coyotes to Utah’s Division of Wildlife Resources as part of the state’s coyote bounty program. Those taking part in the Predator Control Program redeem $50 per coyote.

Colorado Officers Shoot Coyotes After 5-Year-Old is Bitten

Misbehaving coyotes are at it again. Colorado Parks and Wildlife and city of Boulder wildlife officers shot and killed two aggressive coyotes last week after they chased and bit a 5-year-old boy on the Boulder Creek Path.

Three Coyotes Attack Man in His Backyard

The last thing anyone expects when walking their dog in their own backyard is to get attacked by wild animals, but that very thing happened to a Kent, Wash., man just last week. Faron Scarberry says three coyotes attacked him Friday night while he was walking his dog in his...

North Carolina DNR says, 'Bring on the Night!'

Forty-two states allow night hunting for some game species. North Carolina is thinking about becoming the 43rd state and is proposing new regulations that would allow hunting of coyotes and hogs at night.

Isn’t the Coyote Just as Wily as the Gray Wolf?

Whenever a species of animal gets delisted, it’s a big deal. For almost 40 years, the federal Endangered Species Act has protected the gray wolf, and just recently, wolves came off the list in Wisconsin and other parts of the upper Midwest. That means these states can manage wolf kill...

Colorado 2-Year Old Attacked By Coyote

The search is on for a coyote that bit a Broomfield toddler on Monday evening. Once found, the animal, which is now deemed a public safety risk, will be killed. The 21/2-year-old boy, who was not seriously hurt, was walking with his father and 9-month-old sister around 8 p.m. Monday...

Great Predator Calling Sets

Realtree pros Byron South and Mark Zepp know how to hunt coyotes. It all starts with the setup. Check out their tips for choosing the perfect area for predator calling

Coyote Attacks CT Man

OLD LYME, CT -- State wildlife officials are warning residents of the Old Lyme area to be on the lookout for a coyote that attacked a man last weekend. Seamus Plyer tells WFSB-TV that he was mowing the lawn on Sunday when the coyote jumped him and the two struggled...