Cupped and Committed

Cool facts, trivia and great photos of your favorite ducks with wings locked, feet down and necks outstretched

Hunting with Hawks

Perhaps you'll never try falconry yourself. Katherine Browne once thought the same thing. But these days, the Prois pro-staff coordinator and licensed falconer does her small-game hunting with a raptor named Hades

CO Stamp Champ Goes Back To Back!

DENVER, CO -- Artist Richard Clifton won his first Colorado waterfowl stamp art contest in 2010. And now he's won his second in 2011. Clifton's rendering of three green-winged teal was recently selected to grace the 2011 Colorado Waterfowl Stamp by a team of judges from around the state. "This...

Kansas Teen Wins JR Duck Stamp Contest

WICHITA, KS -- For the third straight year, Christina Stockton, a 17-year old student at Stockton Academy in Wichita, claimed the state's top prize in the annual Junior Duck Stamp program on Friday, March 18. Stockton has been participating in the Junior Duck Stamp program for six years, and this...

Delta Working For Ducks

Matt Chouinard’s job requires driving hundreds of miles on snow-packed roads, toting armloads of heavy gear through knee-deep drifts and working hours at a time in 30-below wind chills—and that’s on a good day. Why would someone who holds a Master of Science degree happily pursue an occupation even Mike...

Photo Contest Winners Announced!

The Deer Season and Waterfowl photo contests began back in September and wrapped up at the end of January. Each month, a panel of Realtree judges has sorted through the entries and picked their favorite photos. Now, it's February 7, and as promised, we've picked the winners of the...

New Guns and Ammo at the 2011 SHOT Show

The SHOT Show. Just walking around here creates something of a giddy feeling, like a teenage girl at the world’s biggest mall with the instructions, “Spend all the money you want. See you in three days.” (Well, at least if you like to hunt and shoot guns. If you don’t...

December Waterfowl Photo Contest Entries

Check out these entries to the Waterfowl Photo Contest! We received some great submissions for the Realtree Waterfowl Photo Contest in December. After carefully reviewing them all, we’ve picked a few of our favorites. These photos will be among the finalists eligible for winning gift cards to the RealStore...

Public Land Waterfowl Tips

Will Brantley talks about the importance of scouting and realistic decoy spreads for duck hunting on public land.

Cleaning Your Duck Decoys

Will Brantley talks about restoring the shine to duck decoys that have been in storage since last season

Duck Commander’s Lite’N Up

The Duck Commander Teams with Carry-Lite To those duck hunters who take a casual approach to their hunting, we have a message: STEP ASIDE. Phil Robertson, aka "The Duck Commander," and his elite team of duck hunting fanatics are on a quest to change the way that we hunt waterfowl...

For the Love of Trash Ducks

Some hunters say “If it ain’t got a green head, it ain’t a duck.” Do you agree with that?