Did a Texas Couple Catch a Live Chupacabra?

There’s a lot of fuss being made in the news over a raccoon with the mange this week. A Texas couple that is currently holding the poor, diseased creature in a cage believes they’ve caught an elusive Chupacabra. Even more unbelievable, several major new stations have jumped on the story,...

Beaver Attacks Old Lady

I’m not sure I would want to be remembered as "that old lady that got attacked by a rabid beaver." We’ve all done things in the outdoors that looking back on, we might think we’re glad it turned out all right. Like the time I hunted for a television show...

Rabid Beaver Warning in PA

HARRISBURG, PA -- In what wildlife officials are calling a "truly bizarre situation," Pennsylvania Game Commission Wildlife Conservation Officer (WCO) Jerry Czech today announced that a beaver suspected of having attacked three individuals over the past two days, June 1 and 2, in the Pennypack Creek area between Bustleton Avenue...

2010 Best of Realtree.com

A look back at the most popular Realtree.com stories and photo essays from 2010

Jason Patrick, My Coon Hunting Friend

Keeping up with a coonhound in a southern swamp at night is tough—but imagine doing it if you were completely blind

Montana Trappers Escape Antis

Trappers Breathe Sigh of Relief, But Anti-Trapping Effort Likely to Continue Montana trappers can breathe a bit easier today after an effort to ban trapping on public lands in the state was stopped in its tracks. Last year, the anti-trapping organization Footloose Montana announced it was working to place the...