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2019 ATA Show: The Best Treestands, Ground Blinds and Accessories in Realtree Camo

Treestands and ground blinds are essential pieces of gear for hunting an array of species. Along with Realtree camouflage, they help to keep you hidden from game and out of the elements (in the case of a blind). There were plenty of new stands, blinds and accompanying accessories to check...

2019 ATA Show: Arrows, Release Aids and Quivers in Realtree Camo

We recently attended the 2019 ATA Show in Louisville, Kentucky. We scoured the show floor looking for the latest and greatest in the archery world. We came across a lot of great stuff, including great new arrows, quivers and release aids. Here is the cream of the crop.

2019 ATA Show: Best New Hunting Clothing Apparel in Realtree Camo

Bill Jordan revolutionized the hunting culture when he introduced Realtree camouflage more than 30 years ago. Since then, it’s only gotten better with each new pattern he created. Today, Realtree patterns can be found on virtually all of the big-name hunting clothing and apparel brands. Here is but a small...

2019 ATA Show: New Compound Bow Cases for This Year

Have a bow that needs protection? Looking for a way to keep it safe and sound from natural and man-made damage threats? Luckily there are many new options for 2019. Here are eight of the best bow cases that we found on the show floor at the 2019 ATA Show...

The Top 5 Big Game Hunting Articles of 2018

Big game hunting. It's in our blood. And it's what we do. We live it. And we cover it right here on, too. We know you live for the adrenline rush that only a big game animal can supply. So, because of that, much of our content reflects it...

The Best Christmas Gift for Hunters and Fishermen

Looking for that perfect gift for the angler or hunter on your Christmas list? If so, a fishing or hunting license might be the answer. These licenses make great Christmas gifts. And they're easy to buy. It's a simple process. Winter is a great time to give a license as...

10 Most Difficult North American Big Game Hunts

North America is rich with challenging hunts. The following 10 are difficult due to money, physical hardships, tough-to-obtain tags or a combination thereof. It takes tough minds and tough gear — like King’s Camo clothing — to get the job done. Of them, I’ve only done the Colorado elk hunt,...

7 New Bows That Make Great Camo Christmas Gifts

Are you hunting for a new bow this year? Have a loved one who is? We've got the lineup for you. Check out these new bows that are ready for the range and the timber.

13 Ways to Keep Your Hands and Feet Warm in Cold Weather

I have a rare hereditary condition called Raynaud’s Disease. It’s a disorder that restricts circulation (blood flow) to your hands, feet, fingers and toes. This can lead to severe cold and painful sensations in your outer extremities — even when it isn’t that cold out. But, obviously, the colder it...

5 Big Game Hunting Packs That Make Great Christmas Gifts

Hunting backpacks are a fixture in modern hunting culture. They aren’t going anywhere. And there are many reasons why. But the underlying purpose — gear. We haul a lot of it into the backcountry each time we go afield. And a pack that can get the job done is crucial...

The Hidden Art of Realtree Camo

Out of place. That's how I felt. Not only was I physically uncomfortable I was extremely self-conscious about my appearance. After all, I was only 16, still a boy in most ways, and had never been in this situation before. How was I supposed to know this was going to...

Bow Review: 2019 Mathews Vertix in Realtree EDGE Camo

We all get excited when the new bows are revealed each year. A buzz is created just prior to the launch. And rest assured that Mathews’ 2019 flagship bow has lived up to the hype. Enter the Vertix. First off, we know that many of you have been asking for...