Mountain Goat


Mouflon Ram in the Czech Republic

Realtree Internation Pro Staff Ian Harford is on the trail of a trophy mouflon ram in the stunning surroundings of Opocno in the Czech Republic. Can he avoid the countless sentries protecting the herd and get close enough to take the trophy of a lifetime?

Tahr Hunt In New Zealand

Realtree Global Hunter Jonathan Scott shares his recent Tahr Hunt success in New Zealand. As the end of 2014 approaches, the Northern Hemisphere is getting colder, darker and looking forward to a Christmas feast in front of the TV with Her Majesty's speech. Maybe you may get out for a...

New Season, New Range for Markhor

Markhor have updated the popular Ibex EVO backpack for Summer 2014. The Ibex Evo III is an innovative backpack designed to carry quarry with its extensive list of special features, including an internal anti-blood pocket. The Ibex EVO III features an adjustable back, padded shoulder straps and quick release belt...

Hunting Chamois in Slovenia

In this week's episode of Realtree Global Hunting, Pro-Staff Hunter Ian Harford returns to Slovenia. Having taken a beautiful trophy male chamois on a previous trip, Ian's now set his sights on a female, and a young buck. There's some miles of climbing to be done across the Slovenian Alps...

Hunting Chamois in Slovenia

High up in the Slovenian mountains, we're hunting Alpine Chamois. This stunning antelope species provides some of the most challenging hunting in Europe in the most magnificient environments. Patience and determination are essential if we’re to be successful.

The ‘Goat Man’ Calleth

You just cannot make this stuff up. How could I not go right to this story when it came down the pike into my Google Alerts? “Goat Man in Utah Mountains Identified as Hunter.”