Ricky King: Rifle Expert and Country Gentleman

It was a stone-still evening in early November; dry and cold, too, the kind of day when you can hear a deer’s footsteps from 200 yards. My attempt at slipping through the timber and squirrel hunting wasn’t going well.

Hunting with Hawks

Perhaps you'll never try falconry yourself. Katherine Browne once thought the same thing. But these days, the Prois pro-staff coordinator and licensed falconer does her small-game hunting with a raptor named Hades

Rabbit Hunting Young Guns

A youth rabbit and a youth squirrel hunt will be held at the Salamonie Reservoir on Oct. 30. The event will start at the property's visitor center at 7 a.m. Hunters between the ages of 11 and 17 will have a choice between participating in either the rabbit hunt or...