Night Vision Pest Control

In this episode of Realtree Global Hunting, Vermin Hunters Keith Anderson and Steve Wild are out in rural Staffordshire in the UK, taking out some pesky bunnies before the planting of some game crops in the fields! This is not your standard pest control however, this is night vision pest...

All the cool products from IWA 2014

We're at the annual IWA & Outdoor Classics show in Nuremberg, Germany. Pro-Staff Hunters and Personalities, Ian Harford and Keith Anderson are on hand checking out some of the very latest products to hit the hunting world in 2014. With so many big names, showcasing their products from Realtree, Nitesight,...

Rimfire Rabbits

It’s no different from anything else really. Sometimes you’ve got to ring the changes and do things a little bit differently to get results. The past couple of years have seen the rabbit yields from our regular beats dropping off significantly in comparison to previous years. Some of this can...

Timber 2 Table: How to Skin a Rabbit Without a Knife

Rabbits are among the most popular small game animals in the world. They’re great eating, too. Rabbits are very easy—if a bit messy—to clean. Cleaning them, of course, starts with skinning them. And in this Timber 2 Table video, Kentucky rabbit hunter Ryan McCafferty demonstrates how to skin a rabbit...

Ricky King: Rifle Expert and Country Gentleman

It was a stone-still evening in early November; dry and cold, too, the kind of day when you can hear a deer’s footsteps from 200 yards. My attempt at slipping through the timber and squirrel hunting wasn’t going well.

Hunting with Hawks

Perhaps you'll never try falconry yourself. Katherine Browne once thought the same thing. But these days, the Prois pro-staff coordinator and licensed falconer does her small-game hunting with a raptor named Hades

Rabbit Hunting Young Guns

A youth rabbit and a youth squirrel hunt will be held at the Salamonie Reservoir on Oct. 30. The event will start at the property's visitor center at 7 a.m. Hunters between the ages of 11 and 17 will have a choice between participating in either the rabbit hunt or...