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2019 SHOT Show: 13 Great Realtree Camo Shotguns

Looking for a shotgun that’s not new, has been on the block for a few years, and has proven it can candle the rigors hunters put them through? This is a great place to start. Most of these shotguns have been on the market for at least a couple of...

2019 SHOT Show: 5 New Shotguns in Realtree Timber Camo

Looking for a new shotgun in 2019? Like the looks of the brand new Realtree Timber pattern? Here are five of the best shotguns available this year that are cloaked in it. We gave each of them a good look at the 2019 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. And...

2019 SHOT Show: Best New Hunting Packs in Realtree Camo

Choosing the right hunting pack is important. You have to get the one that's best-suited for your needs. While one option might be right for you, it could be wrong for someone else. The same can be true in reverse. That's why we're showing off all of the new hunting...

2019 SHOT Show: New Caping and Skinning Knives in Realtree Camo

If there’s one thing that most outdoorsmen have an addiction to, it’s knives. Many hunters collect them. But every hunter uses them. It’s one of the few universal items that is legitimately a must-have. Here are eight new models for 2019 that are offered in Realtree camo.

2019 SHOT Show: New Binoculars and Optics in Realtree EDGE Camo

Need new optics this season? Check out the innovative options from Vanguard in Realtree EDGE camo. They're pretty slick. And they definitely get the job done. Read more about them below.

2019 ATA Show: The Best Treestands, Ground Blinds and Accessories in Realtree Camo

Treestands and ground blinds are essential pieces of gear for hunting an array of species. Along with Realtree camouflage, they help to keep you hidden from game and out of the elements (in the case of a blind). There were plenty of new stands, blinds and accompanying accessories to check...

2019 ATA Show: Best New Hunting Clothing Apparel in Realtree Camo

Bill Jordan revolutionized the hunting culture when he introduced Realtree camouflage more than 30 years ago. Since then, it’s only gotten better with each new pattern he created. Today, Realtree patterns can be found on virtually all of the big-name hunting clothing and apparel brands. Here is but a small...

The Best Christmas Gift for Hunters and Fishermen

Looking for that perfect gift for the angler or hunter on your Christmas list? If so, a fishing or hunting license might be the answer. These licenses make great Christmas gifts. And they're easy to buy. It's a simple process. Winter is a great time to give a license as...

How to Get Permission to Hunt Private Land

One common complaint by those who hunt less or even quit is the lack of hunting access. Truth is, you might have to work for it these days. Stay humble, put in the effort and you might find new hunting ground where you can hunt small game (and other wild...

13 Ways to Keep Your Hands and Feet Warm in Cold Weather

I have a rare hereditary condition called Raynaud’s Disease. It’s a disorder that restricts circulation (blood flow) to your hands, feet, fingers and toes. This can lead to severe cold and painful sensations in your outer extremities — even when it isn’t that cold out. But, obviously, the colder it...

5 Wild Game Appetizers for the Big Game

Are you a die-hard sports fan? Love to cook wild game? Want to please the crowd? These are the recipes for you. Check out these five recipes, and then drop by Michael Pendley’s Timber 2 Table blog for many more food options to prepare for the big game.

3 Cost-Effective Land Management Tips for Hunters

Landowners or hunters interested in improving their land for wildlife will find creating openings or planting food plots to be the most effective way. Unfortunately, it is also the most costly. And of those costs, brush control is the largest, most continuous expense. Despite this concern, landowners have three brush-control...