Election Tuesday: Duck Hunters in a Tough Position

Election Tuesday: Duck Hunters in a Tough Position.

Waterfowling: It's all about the Buddies

Nothing compares to duck hunting when everything goes right.

If Labs Could Talk

Meet Our Goose Guy: M.D. Johnson

Editor's Note: M.D. Johnson is a freelance writer with credits in a variety of outdoor publications. He's the Pacific Flyway reporter and a frequent contributor to Realtree.com. M.D. has hunted waterfowl throughout the United States and will be contributing guest posts to the Duck Blog this season. M.D. is a...

Balog on Public Draw Hunts and Sky-Busting

When are we going to learn? The key to duck hunting is getting the ducks closer to us.

Babbs on Lead Ammo Bans

It’s not easy to be a sportsman, to participate in the great tradition of hunting. Not only do we juggle day jobs, family lives and community involvement, we also squeeze in time for hunting preparations, actual hunting and the follow-up tasks associated with hunting, such as meat processing.

Opening Day is Finally Here.

Balog reflects on opening day

The True Sportman's Paradise

There is truly no place in America like the Louisiana Gulf Coast.

$50 to Spend: Camo Lingerie or a Single Goose Decoy?

Some time ago, I made it known to all of my friends and family members not to get me “gifts” for any occasion. Like many of you, I stockpile all of my freebies as gift cards, usually to a major outdoor retailer. Those gift cards get eaten up quickly this...

Autumn Has Arrived

The calendar says Autumn is here. The ducks say it louder.

Secrets for Cooking Duck

Learning a few simple concepts go a long way when cooking waterfowl

I'm NOT In Shape for Duck Season

There’s no way I’ve got 20 more years of this in my body. It probably doesn’t help that my three favorite foods are beer, ice cream, and fried fish, but it felt as if the lake was trying to suck me down...