Whitetail Deer

  • Create a Long Range Muzzleloader

    Tips from the pros on maximizing your muzzleloader accuracy out to 200 yards

  • Deadline Looming for Outdoor Industry Scholarship Opportunity

    Most of the time we have to seek out opportunities. But sometimes, however rare it may be, opportunities come looking for us. This is one of those times. Videography. Photography. Writing. Editing. Public relations. Etc. If you’re aspiring to work as an outdoor communicator, this is an opportunity you can’t...


How to Kill the Biggest Buck Where You Hunt

On a summer scouting mission, I glassed a very large buck coming out of thick bedding cover adjacent to a parking area on a public hunting property. I started keeping an eye on the spot from the safety of my car. If I parked in the right spot I could...

5 Deadly Diseases That Deer Get

Whitetails are tough critters. They’re faced with numerous threats. Predators and disease being two of the most prominent. Some diseases are new. Some are almost as old as time itself. So let’s dive in and look at five of the most common diseases that continue to plague white-tailed deer today.

Bowhunting Is Still Thriving in America

With fall days soon to sweep across much of North America, it’s the time when hunters everywhere think of two related topics: archery and white-tailed deer. Generally, archery seasons are a relatively new concept with many being created by state game departments during the 1950s and 60s. Today, an estimated...

What’s the Best Fletching for Bowhunting?

Walk into any archery pro shop and look at the arrows that are available, you’ll notice nearly all of them are fletched with the same type of vane. The 2-inch Blazer Vane has become the industry standard for good reason, its short stature makes it more forgiving in windy conditions...

New Bow Accessories for 2017

Toys. We bowhunters sure love them, especially ones that go on the bows that we take to the woods and range each year. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the hottest new on-bow accessories for 2017. And remember, you saw them here first. Check out more of...

12 Reasons Some Hunters Kill Big Deer But Others Don't

Some guys and gals seem to always kill big deer. Other hunters rarely do if ever. So what’s their secret? Well, it isn’t just one thing. But those who frequently kill big deer have certain things in common. These 12 things are some of those.

How to Plant a Micro Kill Plot for Deer

Deer are intelligent. But not in the way we often think they are. They aren’t cognitively able to reason through something. They don’t see a broadhead or arrow lying on the ground and think, “Oh, a hunter’s been here.” Instead, they’re purely reactive flight animals. They see, hear or smell...

13 Mistakes Rookie Deer Hunters Make

Deer hunting is a never-ending journey. If you do it and do it right, you should never stop learning. We can know a lot about the white-tailed deer due to the extensive research biologists are conducting. We can perfect approaches and tactics by observing whitetail behavior and implementing said tactics...

7 Different Deer Taxidermy Options and Their Costs

Taxidermy has a rich history in North America. It’s been part of our deer hunting heritage for hundreds of years. Many people have had deer hanging on their walls for generations. See, deer mounts aren't just trophies as some people falsely believe. They’re preserved memories. They’re something to spark thoughts...

11 Deer Hunting Mistakes Even Experienced Hunters Make

Sometimes deer hunting seems like a simple thing. But most of the time our better judgment reminds us that there’s truly nothing simple about it. Whitetails are complex critters that take decades to understand. And while biologists and researchers have dispelled many myths and made huge strides, we’ve only begun...

5 Mature Buck Personalities We Hate

Every deer is unique. They have different facial characteristics, body size and antler structure. Most importantly, they have different personalities. That’s what makes every deer hunt different. Some bucks have personalities that make them easier to kill. Some are harder. Below are five of the latter.

Backstrap, Caveman-Style Recipe

More than a party trick, cooking a piece of meat Caveman Style, directly on the coals with no cooking grate or pan of any sort, is a surprisingly good method to prepare meat. The intense heat of the coals sears the surface of the meat quickly, keeping the center rare...