10 Minutes With Lucas Micallef

Realtree International Pro-Team Member Lucas Micallef.

Realtree International Pro-Team member, Lucas Micallef shares his motivations and passion for hunting. From wing shooting to deer stalking Lucas explains how he got into his lifelong passion and gives us an insight into his future hunting trips.  

Q- How did you get into hunting?

I have always enjoyed the outdoors and all recreational activities. My father first introduced me to the sport when I was a young boy; I would accompany him and experience the traditional side of hunting, which I found fascinating. Since then my love for hunting has grown, I plan to pass on the traditional values I was taught to future generations. 

Q - What is your favourite animal to hunt? 

I get very excited hunting woodcock over pointers, but deer stalking sure is a thrill!

Q - Where is your dream hunting location?
I have started planning my next big hunting trip to Africa and I have already began to rig up a .375 h&h for the job.

Q - What is your current rifle set up?

Currently I have a Voere LBW take down bolt-action rifle with a carbon .308win cal and another .300win mag barrel combined with a Leica Magnus 1.5-10x42i.

Q - How do you prepare before you go hunting?

It is essential I prepare all my hunting clothing before each hunt, especially in colder conditions where I may have to stay stationary for a long period of time. If I’m hunting a species for the first time I try and do as much research as possible.

Q - What gets you excited about going hunting?

Hunting is an incredible experience. Sure, you’ll have bad days, but you’ll also have great ones. It’s the excitement and the thrill of the hunt that puts on a smile on my face each time I venture out into the wild.  

Q - What was your most challenging hunting trip?

Muntjac! They are very fast and agile animals and if they sense something isn’t right it only takes a second for them to vanish into cover.

Q - What are your hunting plans for the future?

I really want to experience grouse shooting up the moors. Another dream hunt would have to be moose hunting in Sweden, and last but not the least is taking down a cape buffalo!

Q - What advice would you give to someone who wants to get into hunting?

Gear up, find the right experienced hunter for advice, and get out there!