10 Minutes With Realtree Global Girl Jacine Jadresko

Q - How did you get into hunting?

I come from a family of hunters, so I have grown up around it my entire life. My Dad and Grandpa used to hunt to put dinner on the table, which was a major contribution to our family.

Hunting was always the man’s job until one day I joined a hunt and I absolutely fell in love with the whole process. I even field dressed the deer we harvested all on my own. After that I got my hunting license and have been hunting ever since!

Q - What is your favourite animal to hunt? 

Oh man, how do I pick just one? I guess it’s fair to say that hunting elk in the rut is definitely a favourite of mine. I could listen to them bugle all day and night and still get shivers every time! But that said, I really love any kind of mountain hunt. Whatever animal gets me up to the summit is one I want to be stalking.

Q - Where is your dream hunting location?

I have a few dream spots, but number one for me is to hunt Tahr in New Zealand. Most people go there for the stags, which are unreal and magnificent animals, but the part about New Zealand that intrigues me is their beautiful mountain terrain.

Q - What is your current rifle set up?

I have a lot of rifles that I switch between depending what species I am hunting, but one of my favourites is my custom built 7mm Weatherby Mark V with a Zeiss Victory V8 scope.

Q - How do you prepare before you go hunting?

For most of my local hunts I don’t need to do too much preparing. I have my pack ready at all times and I go regularly that the process is second nature now.

For my international hunts I spend a lot of time researching the species that I will be hunting. I read up on patterns and habitats and I always research good shot placement on that species. Not every animal is built the same and it’s important to know exactly where your quarry’s good kill shots are.

Q - What makes you excited about going hunting?

Absolutely everything! I love being out in nature, I love not knowing what I’ll find out there, and I love putting in the miles and hard work. It isn’t all about the harvest by any means. Some of my best memories and favourite hunts were ones I didn’t tag out on. There is just something so inherently natural and instinctive about being on the hunt, it’s where I belong… where I’m supposed to be.

Q - What was your most challenging hunting trip?

I drew a tag and went on a hunt for Rocky Mountain Elk in Colorado, followed directly after by another elk hunt combined with a mule deer hunt in Idaho. We packed in on foot in Colorado and I had no time at all to adjust to the elevation change from sea level to 13,000ft. The terrain was unforgiving and I covered more miles per day than any other hunt I’d been on.

After an exhausting and unsuccessful hunt, we went straight to Idaho with not a day’s break in-between and kept on going for another week straight. That trip totally kicked my butt, but it was also my most favourite hunt I have ever been on. I hold the memories of those mountains very close to my heart.

Q - What are your hunting plans for the future?

I’ve recently just moved back to my hometown in BC, Canada from Split, Croatia so I plan to focus on hunting more locally rather than internationally. BC has some world-class hunting and I am lucky enough to be a resident and have the ability to indulge in its rugged wilderness.

I’ve recently completed my applications for limited entry hunts for elk, moose, and mountain goat, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the draws! I’m also really focused on my son’s hunting right now, rather than my own. He is 10 and can now legally hunt in Canada, so I have been getting him out as much as possible. We are currently working on him harvesting his first black bear! I have plenty of hunts behind me, so it is really great to teach him our way of life and pass it on to the next generation.