A Passion For Hunting - Pierre Lacombe

10 Minutes With Realtree International Pro-Team Member

Growing up in Southern France, Realtree International Pro-Team member, Pierre Lacombe was surrounded by hunting enthusiasts. Living in a region of France that’s full of rich hunting grounds and endless opportunities, from an early age it was clear Pierre had the hunting bug. Realtree Global Hunting caught up with Pierre to ask him what it was like growing up with a passionate family of hunters, where his passion has taken him and what challenges he looks to face in the future. 

Q - How did you get into hunting?
I was raised in a hunting environment by my parents and grandparents, hunting and shooting both big and small game.
Q - What is your favourite animal to hunt? 
I will have to go for the woodcock over spaniels and roebuck stalking.
Q - Where is your dream hunting location?
Scotland is a pretty incredible country to hunt and stalk, I've also had some incredible experiences hunting in Spain as well.
Q - What is your current rifle set up?
I'm currently shooting with my Blazer .243 with a Swarovski scope.
Q - How do you prepare before you go hunting?
 It depends on what I'm hunting, I always create a gear list early in my preparations and make sure I stick to it. This way I avoid disappointment when it comes to the day of the hunt.
Q - What makes you excited about going hunting?
I get really excited when I’m planning my trip. I love getting out into the wild during the pre-season to scout for the perfect roebuck.

Q - What was your most challenging hunting trip?
It would have to be my recent hind stalk in the Scottish Highlands. The conditions were incredibly tough.
Q - What are your hunting plans for the future?
To keep enjoying every single hunt, from pigeon shooting to chamois stalking.
Q - What advice would you give to someone who wants to get into hunting?
Above all, safety first and of course have fun. Respect the animal by taking clean shots and honor the animals with nice bag / trophy presentation.