Behind The Lens | Part 3

Big Game in Argentina

Last time we spoke to Professional cameraman, Adam Roberts we learnt about his first filming expedition to Spain with Realtree Chief of International Pro-Team Ian Harford and Pro-Team member Steve Wild.

This time Adam discusses the once in a lifetime experience he had whilst filming in Argentina.

How did you prepare for Argentina?

After being informed of the many challenges we would be facing during our time in Argentina, I immediately began preparing for the trip. I needed to make sure my physical fitness could handle the harsh conditions waiting for us. I spent a lot of time in the gym and practicing walking up steep, uneven hills whilst carrying a heavy rucksack.

Prior to leaving I researched the terrain and weather conditions, this helped me choose the appropriate clothing and filming equipment; I didn’t want to leave anything to chance.

What were you looking forward to about filming in Argentina? 

I’ve always wanted to travel, there aren’t many jobs where you get to see the world and visit so many breath-taking locations. I knew the trip wasn’t going to be easy, I had to be ready to multitask in some very challenging conditions, including: stalking, operating a camera and riding a horse!! Even though I knew I had a tough task ahead of me, I couldn’t wait to get started; I looked forward to experiencing a whole new culture.

How did you feel when you went out on the first outing?

I had a few butterflies in my stomach but I was feeling confident. I had trained hard and brought the best equipment for the job. I was 100% motivated and my mind was completely focused on the task at hand, nothing else mattered.

It took a while to get use to riding a horse whilst operating a camera. The handle grip kept knocking the horse, which didn’t go down to well. I had to adapt and adjust as I went along.

What was the terrain like?

The terrain was very tough, it reminded me a little of Scotland. We spent a lot of time walking up very steep hills that never seemed to end. There was a lot of long, thick grass, which had a similar density to snow. The ground was very cold and hard and it was difficult being on my knees for a long period of time.

What did you find to be the most challenging part of the trip? 

One of the biggest challenges would have to be riding a horse over mountainous terrain. I had very little experience riding a horse before arriving in Argentina, I was nervous at first, but thanks to the instruction from Clare I soon had enough confidence to ride the horse and operate the camera at the same time.

What did you learn from the trip? 

I learnt so many invaluable skills from my time in Argentina. Not only did I get to see a beautiful country, I was able to experience a new style of filming. I can now confidently operate a camera whilst on horseback, something I would have never been able to do before this trip.

I am extremely proud of the footage; I can’t wait for the films to be published so that the audience can see how the story unfolds.