British Wildfowling Adventures

In Realtree Max-5 And Max-4.

Realtree Global joins Essex wildfowling in the beautiful British countryside for a wing shooting adventure.

Wildfowling Essex prepare for their wildfowling adventure.

The Essex Wildfowling guys are out early to set up the decoys, they are expecting a tough but fun day in the wild as the conditions aren’t ideal for wildfowling, but that isn’t going to stop them from enjoying their time in the great outdoors. As they prepare and explore the Essex marsh for their spot they are hoping to spot and shoot teal, mallard, wigeon, Greylag and Canada Geese. 

The Essex Wildfowling guys are up early to set up the decoys.

Taking place on estuaries and coastal marshes during the winter, wildfowling is not for the faint hearted, as it requires considerable stamina and great patience throughout cold, wet and muddy conditions. 

Strategically placing down duck decoys across the creek in a J and horseshoe hoping that this will attract any ducks that fly over to circle and come into where the hide is situated. 

The wind is a clear factor for the bird's flight path, the wind conditions dictate that the birds should be flying in towards the hide which makes for easier shooting. 

Unfortunately, the tide was weak which meant it was proving difficult for the decoys to float out into the middle of the creek from where they can achieve a better pattern to attract the birds.

Once the decoys were rearranged, promising signs followed as a flock of Brent geese flew over. These, however, are not on the quarry list and so the guys set aside their guns and admired as they flew by. 

Further optimism followed as a flow of ducks flew over and, with some fantastic shots connecting, the birds went down.

Once the birds flew over and were out of sight it was time for the dogs to do their work. Under the instruction of the owner, the black Labrador dog leapt into the creek to retrieve the fallen quarry. 


“With the elements against us, we’ve had an interesting flight on the marsh. A successful day in all with us bagging four teal in difficult conditions."

bagging four teal, the guys have had a successful day.

“It was far from ideal wildfowling weather as there’s no wind at all and with bright sunshine, it makes wildfowling very difficult. The dogs have had some great retrieves and it’s always great to get out.”