How did you get into Hunting?

10 Minutes With Fernando Munoz

Spanish hunter and Realtree International Pro-Team member, Fernando Munoz was raised in a hunting family. From an early age he learnt the traditional Spanish ceremony of the sport and values that came with it. We took time to catch up Fernanodo to learn a bit more about his love for hunting adventures.

Q - How did you get into hunting?

Hunting has always been a tradition in my family spanning generations. I was first introduced to the sport by my father at the age of 5 years old. My mother wasn’t happy about him taking me on my first hunting trip as the weather was horrible, but my father decided it was time for me to learn about my family heritage.

My first experience shooting a rifle happened when I was 13. I had already shot birds with a small carbine, but this was the first time I hunted big game. After I shot my first red deer I was excited to be part of the traditional hunting ceremony, which is what we do here in Spain when you become a hunter.

Q - What is your favourite animal to hunt? 

It definitely has to be roe deer. It’s a beautiful animal that doesn’t give you a lot of chances. Here in Spain, roe deer are known as “the forest elf”, this is because you know they are in the area, but they disappear before you see them.

Roe deer aren’t just my favourite animal to hunt because of their difficulty, but also due to the way my family hunts them.

Every year during the spring hunting season (April-July), I rent a small property in a remote woodland location with my two brothers. We divide the hunting area in three sections and head out stalking alone with no guides. We know nothing about the day to day activities of the roe deer in the vicinity, and we are pitted against nature with just our hunting skills.

Q - Where is your dream hunting location?

Canada has always been a dream hunting location for me; I believe there is a good mixture of hunting and adventure. Although, I do believe we have the best game hunting here in Spain.

Q - What is your current rifle set up?

My rifle for stalking is a Blaser R8, 270 wsm, with scope Swarovski Z6i 5-30x50 and ammo Winchester Accubond 140 gr.

Where as for driven hunts I use a BLASER R93, 7mm rem mag, with scope Zeiss Victory 2,5-10x50 and ammo Hornady 154 gr SST Supperformance.

Q - How do you prepare before you go hunting?

I always try to study the behaviour of the animal and learn as much as possible about the hunting area. I prepare my backpack very carefully by creating a checklist so I do not forget any essential items.

Q - What was your most challenging hunting trip?

I would have to say my trip to South Africa. I was hunting with just a tracker and my Express 9,3x74 rifle, which had a maximum shooting range of 100 meters. We had to stalk very close to the animals. This was very challenging and really put my stalking skills to the test.

Q - What are your hunting plans for the future?

I do have some very exciting hunting plans coming up. A trip to Canada is certainly on the cards. A friend of mine also wants to experience turkey hunting, but it’s ibex season here in Spain, so it won’t be long until I head back out into the wild for another hunting adventure.