Hunting Giant Red Stags in Argentina

Realtree Pro Ian Harford tackles challenging mountainous terrain on horseback in the Cordoba province of Argentina hunting Giant Red Stags.

Rincon De Luna in the Cordoba Province of Argentina offers incredible hunting environments only this part of the world can provide, ideal for those hunters looking for the hunt of a lifetime. The challenging terrain covers a vast landscape of mountains where the game activity is plentiful.

It’s an early winter morning in Argentina and Ian heads out hunting on horseback. The first task of the morning is to head to higher ground and glass for signs of movement. It isn’t long before Ian spots two stags in the distance. One, a mature old giant Stag and It’s time to begin the approach, however in this type of terrain, it’s not an easy task as each footstep is tougher than the last.

Tackling unforgiving topography Ian is finally in a position and readies his rifle. Gathering his breath, Ian is ready for a clear, safe shot. After some time the mature giant stag still doesn’t offer an ethical shot, Ian decides to move around a surrounding ridge and stalk a little closer to a point that would offer a better viewpoint.

Tackling the harsh environment requires skill and endurance, Ian drops his pack along the way, he’ll have to go back later and retrieve it. As they continue their approach around the ridge, the red stags begin to disappear. By the time Ian reaches a more suitable position they have moved on.

This is hunting; you have to put the time and effort in and sometimes fate is against you.

The sun begins to set and its time to head back, you don’t want to be in the mountains when it’s dark. However, tomorrow is a new day.

Day two of Ian’s Giant Red Stag hunting adventure begins early in the morning. The weather conditions made this incredible hunting trip even more of a challenge. It was now not safe for hunting on horses, so Ian and his guide set out on foot.

Once the weather improves, the surrounding animals start to come out of cover to feed. Two red stags were enjoying the afternoon sunshine 700 yards away. Ian began his approach, crossing the terrain to get into a shooting position.

Ian manages to set up behind a rock around 300 yards away from a beautiful old male. He sets his rifle and patiently waited for the perfect opportunity to take the shot.

The mature male continues to feed; Ian takes deep breaths and continues to observe through his scope waiting for that brief second where he stands still and offer a shot.

As the red stag stops feeding Ian doesn’t waste this golden opportunity and squeezes the trigger. The shot hits perfectly and the stag drops on the spot. All of Ian’s hard work finally paid off as he successfully harvests his mature red stag.