Hunting in Alaska Episode 13: The Final Reflection.

Ian Harford and Steve Wild reflect on their Alaska Hunting Adventure.

Realtree Pro team Ian Harford and Steve Wild are safely back in the UK following their unforgettable Alaska hunting adventure.  Over the past twelve episodes of hunting in Alaska we have seen them battle against incredible lightning storms, take on the unforgiving Alaskan terrain and take on some incredible hunts that they will remember for the rest of their lives. 

On Hunting in Alaska episode 13, Ian Harford and Steve Wild reflect on not only the past two weeks out in the Alaska Wilderness but the months of preparation leading up to the hunting trip. 

With preparations for the hunting trip to Alaska starting early in the year, both had to prepare their bodies for the physical demand for the intense and extreme hunting environment, with regular simulated hikes and CrossFit workouts. 

They not only had to prepare themselves physically but it was essential they selected the correct type of equipment to keep them safe from the elements.  They take us through their clothing, equipment, scopes, rifles and ammunition that would prove pivotal to their success. 

Finally, the team reflects on the day-to-day memories they have taken away from their Alaska hunting adventure. Reflecting on the incredible views, challenging weather conditions, impenetrable terrain and of course, successful hunting stories. There were plenty of amazing things that happened during the entire adventure.