Hunting in Alaska: Episode 7 - Battle of the Beasts: An Epic Grizzly Bear Hunt

Welcome to Episode 7/13 of Hunting in Alaska video series. We join Ian Harford and Steve Wild behind-the-scenes on their epic Alaska hunting adventure.

After reflecting on the end of pervious day where a black bear was feeding in the valley just below the camp, Ian quickly prepared his rifle, and took a safe, clean shot.

Before they head out for another epic day, they need to locate the black bear.

The team retrieve their game and begin to plan their route for the day. After a difficult week, this was a great triumph for the team and has certainly boosted morale in the camp, it’s now time for another exciting day in the Alaskan wilderness.

This time they set their sights on moose. After spotting a good group of animals including a brown bear their carefully laid strategy doesn’t quite go to plan.

The team break for lunch and head back out for another afternoon of Alaskan adventure.

Again they must overcome challenging terrain, but their hard work certainly pays off. Only 250 yards away a brown bear feeds on a berry patch. Steve prepares his rifle and takes aim.