How To Build Your Own Pest Control Traps

With Eamonn Mahoney

1 | Firstly, start by cutting up the 8×4 sheet of weldmesh in to strips of 15 inches, works out with little or no waste.

2 | Place one cut piece down flat on the bench with another piece of mesh standing upright to one side, put a couple of clips on to hold them in place and together. Then take another piece and cut it in to 15″ square pieces.

3 | Next put the other side on using either cable ties or metal clips. Lastly, put the top onto the trap and cut two doors for trap sections and one over the middle section enabling access for the call bird.

4 | You should have another 15″ strip to cut the doors out. Remember to cut the door 2″ bigger than the holes on 3 sides, this ensures the door will close correctly and can’t open outwards.

5 | Place a spring central of the hole and door, secure with clips or cable ties. Make up a perch for the call bird, put water and food in for the birds and put a cover over the middle section to keep rain off the call bird.

6 | It’s very much a family affair when it comes to making traps in the Mahoney household.