Hunting Beceite Ibex In Spain

1 | Spain has truly breath-taking views that span for miles over the vast mountaintops and lakes below. There aren't many places in the world that offer this type of environment for hunting.

2 | But don’t be deceived, the location may be beautiful but it still presents very challenging hunting conditions.

3 | Comfortable clothing is needed in the hot and humid conditions where high temperatures and challenging terrain make stalking conditions extremely difficult.

4 | Ibex are mountain dwellers living in secluded and often challenging locations to reach. Without meticulous planning and a clear strategy a successful hunt is near impossible.

5 | Ibex are incredibly illusive animals that seem to have a sixth sense of their surroundings, they might not be able to spot you but they can sense nearby danger.

6 | Getting yourself into a good position to take a clear and safe shot can often be challenging. Patience is essential to taking that all important shot.

7 | Hunting with people who appreciate the true effort, passion and skill it takes to achieve a successful hunt like this is extremely valuable and rewarding.

8 | A challenging, emotional and extremely satisfying hunt. Steve's first Ibex is one he worked extremely hard for.