Hunting Blue Wildebeest in South Africa

With Ian Harford

1 | Day 1 – The start of my Blue Wildebeest hunting adventure in South Africa. I’ve hunted many times before with Nduna Hunting Safaris and I feel more like part of the family here than a client.

2 | Blue wildebeest are one of Africa’s most recognisable species. They communicate with each other very vocally when danger is present; trying to get up close and personal with all those pairs of eyes and all those ears is incredibly tricky.

3 | Now, I’ve done my fair share of wildebeest stalking over the years and I have to say it’s some of my favourite hunting. This time however, they’ve made us work exceptionally hard.

4 | Evening can be one of the most frustrating times to stalk because the falling sun in the sky and the cooler afternoon temperature brings all of the animals out to feed.

5 | Day 2 – A new day brings with it fresh opportunities. We set out early from camp just as the sun was starting to rise above the mountains. We soon spotted a small bachelor herd of three bulls just across the valley from us.

6 | We moved a little further down the hillside trying to keep the bushes between us. But, more importantly trying to get into the shade so that we have a backdrop and weren’t silhouetted against the skyline.

7 | Patience in this scenario is absolutely key. Selecting the right animal, waiting for it to move into position and then giving yourself enough time to take the perfect shot.

8 | As soon as I had a clear shot, I took it. The bull skipped in the air and he disappeared into cover. After a few moments the bull stepped clear of the bushes and then just took a few steps down towards the bottom of the valley, leaving a very clear trail

9 | Soon enough we found him. A magnificent old blue wildebeest bull and another perfect animal thanks to the holistic game management program here at Nduna Hunting Safaris.