Hunting Red Stags in Argentina

With Clare Harford

1 | Nestled in the mountains, Rincon De Luna is one of the most breath-taking and beautiful hunting destinations in Argentina.

2 | The estate is approximately 80-90 miles Southwest of the Cordoba Province. It's a long trek from civilisation, but we were gifted with some of the finest topography I have ever seen at a hunting destination.

3 | The hunt started early as we head out south from the pavilion. The estate is so vast and sprawling with hills and mountains, the scenery is simply outstanding but the terrain is tough.

4 | After almost four hours we finally spotted a nice herd of Red Stags followed by five beautiful females. Unfortunately, before we could get into position they caught wind of us. These animals are always alert.

5 | Almost another two hours had passed and we were still on the trail of the same group of Reds. The terrain was proving to be very difficult; we weren’t able to go over some of the mountains, so we had to go around them.

6 | Each climb, I kept repeating the phrase “what goes up, must come down” in my head. At Rincon De Luna, it seems what goes up keeps going up!

7 | We had to be stealth on our approach, the Hinds tend to be out scouting for the Stags, if just one pair of eyes or ears spotted us after the hours of climbing and hiking it would have been a great disappointment.

8 | Finally, we had made it to a vantage point. My guide, Oscar, pointed out my stag. It sank in that after a whole day of hiking and crawling I was about to get my shot. The adrenaline started to take over as the whole day started to come together.

9 | The adrenaline was so high as I set up my rifle to take the shot. I took several deep breaths, once there was a clear shot I squeezed that trigger!

10 | The shot was perfect placement, he was down. A really nice, clean shot, we had success.

11 | The whole experience was incredible; it really was the stalk of a lifetime. It was challenging, tiring but exhilarating all at the same time. I’m pleased to say I’ve had my first successful hunt of Argentina.