Lucas Micallef | Woodcock Shooting In Sicily

Realtree International Pro-Team Member Lucas Micallef.

1 | After much anticipation the day had finally arrived.

Before the Christmas period I had a marvellous experience shooting woodcock over setters’. 

2 | Realtree Camo is my choice when shooting and hunting throughout Europe.

Wearing Realtree camouflage pattern I filmed every aspect of the day, from preparing for the shoot to getting into position and taking the shot.

3 | Shooting with good friends makes for an incredible days shooting.

I was invited there by a good friend Antonino Urpi of Setters di Valcalanna. The hunt took place in Sicily using English setters. 

4 | Flushing out in high temperatures was incredibly difficult.

We flushed a few woodcocks but shooting wasn't easy. The wooded area was very dense, making progress difficult.  

5 | Use of GPS Tracking focuses our approach.

Fortunately, using GPS tracking systems in conjunction with a locator beeper, we were able to shot some woodcocks.

6 | A tough day makes for a satisfying shoot.

Throughout the day we managed to take some magnificent birds.