Muntjac Management Essentials With Ian Harford

1 | Ladder stands provide a great platform from which to shoot, but don't offer any protection from the elements so it's vital to choose your clothing carefully. The weather can change at any moment.

2 | This seat is positioned to provide good visibility and arc of fire down several woodland rides. These are perfect for catching deer crossing between dense wooded areas.

3 | Good optics are essential for spotting and properly identifying your quarry. Choosing the right animal to cull is critical for successful deer management.

4 | Patience is key. Wait for the right shot to present itself, choose your point of impact, then calmly and deliberately squeeze the trigger.

5 | Muntjac have their own unique appearance, which I find very beautiful. Here you can clearly see the tusks, which males use for sparring.

6 | This is a young buck, but you can clearly see the facial markings and short, stubby antlers coming through.

7 | Cameras are a useful tool is determining the number, gender and age of your deer. These Bushnell HD Trophy Cams in Realtree Xtra camo capture both images and videos in all light conditions.

8 | Feeding during the winter months helps to concentrate the population of deer. That way they can be monitored and the right animals chosen to cull.

9 | The hopper style feeders are also accessible by other forest creatures such as squirrels, pheasants and badgers.

10 | Another successful mornings deer management is rewarded by some unexpected sunshine. You really never can predict the weather.