Partridge Pitta Pockets.

From Field To Fork.

1 |

Firstly, hang the partridge for a couple of days. Hanging basket hooks make a good location!

When preparing the bird you may wish to line your sideboard with a bin liner. It helps to keep the feathers in one place!

2 |

Hold the bird by the legs and brush the feathers on the breast back, against the grain so the features stand up.

Brush firmly in an upwards motion towards the neck with your thumbs to re-move some of the feathers revealing the skin.

3 |

With a small sharp knife break the skin with an incision straight down the cen-tre.

Push back the skin, all the way round towards the wings to show the breasts. 

Making an incision down the centre, as close to the breast bone as possible, you will feel the bone rub against the knife, peal the breast away from the bone.

Remove the whole partridge breast with a sharp knife moving down and out in a slope style sweeping motion.


4 |

Wash the breasts to remove any feathers and blood strings, pat dry with kitch-en towel.

Slice into small strips.

Place the strips into a Pyrex dish, or similar.

5 |

Drizzle over the olive oil, some fresh mixed herbs,  crushed garlic, sea salt and black pepper.  I also like to add some dried peppers. Mix around until all the meat is covered. You can use a spatula, but I prefer to run through with my hands to ensure all the meat is covered and seasoned.

Cover your bowl and place in the fridge overnight to marinade


6 |

Place your dry frying pan on the hob, allow the heat to steam off the pan. Drop in your pre-seasoned partridge  into the pan, tossing the meat in the pan regularly until slightly browned.  Turn the pan off, move to a cold hob ring and allow to breath while you prepare the pittas.

7 |

Pre- prepare the salad. Combine the salad leaves and, red onion in a bowl.

8 |

Place the Pitta in the toaster on number two, approx 40 seconds.


9 |

Using a sharp knife, cut the pitta bread in half down the short centre to make pouches. (The pitta will open itself from the heat of the toaster).

Allow the pitta to cool.

10 |

Divide the partridge and salad among the warmed pitta pouches, top each serving with two tbsp harissa and garlic mayo sauce.

Divide the partridge among the warmed pitta pouches, top each serving with dressing.

We chose to partner sourdough pittas with harissa dressing and harissa pittas with garlic mayonnaise.