Red Stag Stalking in Sicily

With Lucas Micallef

1 | “Early at dawn and late at dusk the mighty roar of the Reds, will make your spine shiver”.

2 | I had been invited by the reserve owner of Azienda Agro Venatoria SS Trinita in the province of Trapani which is situated in the west coast of Sicily in Italy. There are a large number of red stags in the area and some of the old bucks had been selected t

3 | I was using my Voere LBW take down .308win calibre Austrian rifle with a carbon barrel. The gun is light-weight and versatile, ideal for stalking. The rifle has a Leica Visus I 2,5-10×42 mounted, the illuminated reticle makes it perfect for the low light

4 | We monitored the herd for two days and finally we confirmed which animal was to be managed. We stalked out through the wooded area and spotted the solitary mature red stag at 90 meters.

5 | We approached silently, invisible to the old buck thanks to my great gear made by ScentBlocker and finished with Realtree Max-4 pattern. The ammunition I used was .308win calibre with a Barnes TSX 168grain heads.

Another incredible hunting trip to Sicily… and I cannot wait for my next Realtree Adventure.