Kids 3-Piece Adventure Pack

from Stoney Creek

Realtree partner and high quality clothing manufacturer, Stoney Creek, take pride in producing reliable hunting gear that you can trust. Stoney Creek is synonymous with producing dependable hunting clothing for over 20 years. Their most recent addition introduced to their vast clothing collection is the Kids 3 Piece Hunters Pack in Realtree Xtra Green.

The kids 3-piece hunters pack is perfect for a cold winter night. Used primarily as insulation layers the garments are ideal for wearing underneath a waterproof jacket, the pack includes a Realtree Xtra Green Bush t-shirt, a long sleeve top in the lightweight insulin fabric, known as Microplus. Along with black performance plus track pants that are ideal for everyday wear due to the warm and hardwearing fabric.

Realtree Xtra Green’s proprietary printing technology creates 3 layers of pattern and combines leaves, colours and open areas to blend into almost any green habitat. Accents of Blaze orange appear on the garment to make your little adventurers stand out.

 Stoney Creek Kids 3-piece Hunter Pack is available from RRP £49.72 and is available in sizes 4 -14

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