Anti-Poaching in Mozambique

In this weeks episode of Realtree Global Hunting, Ian Harford is in Mozambique, out in the African bush. It's no walk in the park out here, whilst being breathtakingly beautiful, the wilderness of Mozambique hides numerous dangers around every corner.

Mozambique is a relatively young country, gaining independence in 1975, only to be plunged into a bloody 15 year civil war two years later. Today, Mozambique's GDP is growing, however, food shortages are endemic, and where there is little food, poaching is critically high.

Many species have suffered terribly over recent years due to out of control poaching. But recent laws and management practices have been put into place to help combat this. Ian visits Mahimba Game Reserve, who demonstrate that controlled, commercial hunting, and hunting conservation is beneficial to the local people, the economy and helps combat illegal poaching.