Hunting Eland in South Africa

We join Realtree Pro Ian Harford at Nduna Hunting Safaris in the beautiful Eastern Cape of South Africa for an epic Eland hunting adventure.

Eland are tough and cunning animals; Ian has already been stalking one particular animal for three days. To successfully hunt in South Africa you have to put the work in and be prepared at a moments notice. 

Ian’s plan for the day was to wait for the Eland to begin feeding and then stalk through some thick brush into them, giving them strong cover and plenty of space to identify the Eland bull they wish to harvest.

The plan proved successful and after stalking within 110 yards of the bull, which was stood perfectly, Ian set up his sticks and readied his rifle. Just then another Eland wondered into view preventing Ian from taking a safe shot, ending his hunt early for the day.

The following afternoon, Ian was against the clock only with a limited amount of sunlight left. Thankfully Gavin has extensive knowledge of the land and it doesn’t take him long to locate the herd. However, by the time they had found the herd the sun had started to set. Another day would come.

The following morning Ian’s hopes are still high and he’s ready to get right back out into the bush.

They spot the herd of Eland along the plain; who soon head straight into the bush. Knowing from previous days stalking where they will reappear, Ian once again gets set up on his sticks and patiently waits. It wasn't long until the bull emerges followed by two cows. 

Ian waited for the bull to present itself, he calmly squeezed the trigger. 

Another incredible hunt in South Africa, an impressive Eland Bull that will also supply a staggering 150 kilos of biltong to the local game farm.