Hunting in Alaska - Episode 11: Hunting Grizzly Bear and Barren Ground Caribou

Welcome to the Hunting in Alaska Series on Realtree Global. We join Ian Harford and Steve Wild behind-the-scenes on their epic Alaska hunting adventure.

It’s day 13 of Ian and Steve’s incredible trip in Alaska. After retrieving Steve’s black bear from the previous day and travelling to their next hunting destination, the team has now successfully set up camp at their new location deep within caribou country.

They will spend the next few days hunting for caribou and grizzly bear. However, a new location brings a new set of challenges that they must overcome.

There are a strong number of animals near to camp. Unfortunately, none meet the minimum requirements for harvest, so the team must move deeper into the valley.

Further up the ridge Ian and Steve spot a couple of mature bulls that are legal to harvest.

They take the time to check out all of the options, however, these are not the only animals out grazing today.

Steve’s eagle eyes have spotted a beautiful mountain grizzly feeding on a berry patch high on the side of the mountain.

The bear is a mature boar, now the team have a dilemma.

Do they take the bear or the opportunity to double tag the caribou?