Hunting in Alaska - Episode 12: Hunting Grizzly Bear and Caribou in Alaska: The Big Pack Out

Welcome to the penultimate episode of our epic Hunting in Alaska series on Realtree Global.

Over the series, we have followed Realtree Pro team members Ian Harford and Steve Wild on the hunting adventure of a lifetime in Alaska. Where we have witnessed everything the Alaska witnesses has to offer. Incredible electrical storms to close encounters of a Grizzly kind have tested the team’s mental and physical capabilities.  There hunting and field craft knowledge as well as their equipment.

During the final episode from the Alaska wilderness, we join Ian Harford and Steve Wild as they prepare for their final days in camp. The team is tasked with packing out and preparing to leave camp following their successful Grizzly bear and Caribou hunt.

Following the previous day hunting Grizzly Bear and Barren Ground Caribou in Alaska, Ian Harford and Steve Wild are aware of the monumental challenges that lie ahead.

The team is tasked with packing out the Grizzly Bear and both Caribou before returning it back to their camp. Whilst it's undoubtedly going to be a tough day, every sinew of usable meat must be harvested. While the hunt can be exciting Ian and Steve both enjoy the packing out process and the demands that come with it.

The challenge is going to push them both physically and mentally. Running on pure emotion, Ian Harford and Steve Wild give every ounce of energy into the Alaskan wilderness for the final time, before flying out of their camp in Alaska and back to civilisation.

The day the team prepare for their flight out of the wilderness. It's another tough day but for different reasons, as the team reflect on their time hunting in Alaska over the past two weeks, emotions are high throughout camp.

Next time, on the last episode of Hunting in Alaska, Ian and Steve look back at some of their favorite moments during this incredible hunting trip.