Roebuck Stalking in Hampshire

The Southern county of Hampshire in the UK offers some of the most exciting Roe deer stalking in the world and for Realtree Pro Ian Harford it is a truly unforgettable experience.

In our previous episode, we joined Ian Harford as he took us through his roebuck hunting essentials. Today, We join Ian amongst the picturesque wilderness of the Hampshire Downs. The weather is warm and mild, ideal for roebuck stalking. 

At first light, Ian stalks down to a highseat and watches over the valleys below. This allows the surrounding animals time to come out of cover and begin their morning feed, providing the perfect opportunity to not only formulate a plan for the day but also admire the incredible scenery. 

Following the sunrise, it's time to head out on foot into the woodland and begin stalking before the bucks come out to feed. This is where the hard work begins and to be successful here you really have to put in the miles. Covering this amount of ground should put Ian in the perfect location to take a shot. 

The topography on the Downs in Hampshire is ideal for roebuck. Due to the environment, Ian has chosen the versatile Deerhunter Upland suit with Hitena reinforcement. Lightweight and breathable, this outfit can more than cope with the dense overgrowth and wet fields.  

Unfortunately, Ian doesn’t cross paths with any roebucks today. That hasn’t stopped this being one of Ian’s favourite stalking outings. 

There have been plenty of animal activity, including a roe kid hidden in one of the fields. Observing new life and the next generation up close in a true privilege.
Next week, we join Realtree Pro Steve Wild for fallow deer stalking in Lincolnshire.