Stalking Muntjac in Northamptonshire.

Realtree Pro Ian Harford and  Sauer International sales manager Frederic Hanner are out stalking muntjac on a beautiful spring afternoon in the Northamptonshire countryside. The scenery is stunningly beautiful, but this belies the challenges that come with stalking muntjac during spring.

Although a recognised international hunter, Fredric is relatively new to muntjac stalking. The dense woodland and challenging wind conditions make stalking muntjac during the spring a very challenging prospect, even for the most experienced hunters.

Muntjac are very small deer and travel beneath the canopy of the undergrowth making them very difficult to spot. Ian has the Pulsar Helion XP50 thermal imaging scope to help spot muntjac in the undergrowth. Alongside Ian is his carefully selected deer stalking essentials.

Designed for active hunters in a multitude of environments, Ian and Frederic opt for Deerhunter clothing. Ian choosing the latest Muflon light jacket in Realtree’s latest EDGE pattern and Fredric wearing the Avanti in Realtree original. Both clothing sets offer great versatility and are perfect for sitting in a high seat, or stalking a forestry area. 

While Frederic becomes familiar with the ground before setting up on a highseat. Ian decides to explore some of the areas of woodland that he has not accessed in recent years.

Effective deer management is about getting a clear idea of the deer numbers and the environment supporting them. The time and effort dedicated to this enables Ian to make a better decision as to which deer are harvested within the context of the overall goal of maintaining a thriving and healthy population of deer.

Frederic continues to be patient in his highseat, but unfortunately he hasn’t spotted any muntjacs from this position. He decides to change tactics and head out on foot. This new approach is about to pay off as he locates a perfect cull buck grazing in the distance. Moving quietly and quickly, Frederic closes the gap and gets his rifle set up on his sticks ready for the shot. He waits for the perfect opportunity and calmly squeezes the trigger and the buck is ethically dispatched.