Stalking Muntjac in Northamptonshire with Steve Wild and Frederic Hanner

It’s the beginning of the Great British summer and we are out once again in the stunningly beautiful Northamptonshire countryside muntjac stalking with Steve Wild and Frederic Hanner. 

As morning breaks, Frederic and Ian Harford begin preparing the equipment they will be using for this hunting trip. Early mornings are the perfect time to catch deer on the move. Steve and Frederic head out in different areas of the woodland.
Steve is very familiar with this location and knows where the best spots will be; he gets set up in a high seat and is ready to go. Although new to hunting here, Frederic is fortunately is in the right place at the right time. Also set up in a high seat, a young buck walks and gives him a clear, safe shot. Frederic doesn’t waste any time and carefully squeezes the trigger. A clean shot and a nice young buck for the cull sheet. A great start to the day.
Now on foot, Frederic continues his search for further signs of muntjac activity. It isn’t just muntjac that are moving around today, Frederic catches a fantastic sighting of a doe and her fawn. Be able to see nature up close and personal is truly an amazing experience. Stalking back towards the high seat, Fredric’s keen eye spots a buck. He patience pays off and he makes a perfect shot for his second of the morning.
Steve hasn’t enjoyed the same level of success, but it doesn’t dampen his spirits as he also decides to go for a stalk. Unfortunately, he doesn’t come across any suitable cull muntjac bucks.
Later that day Steve returns to the wood he stalked earlier this morning, eager to find the elusive muntjac buck. He uses a call to bring the buck in, Steve sets his rifle up and waits and takes a perfect shot, another ideal cull muntjac.
It has been a fantastic day, not only Steve and Frederic harvested suitable muntjacs they have also come across some marvelous sights whilst out in the Great British countryside.
Successful deer management includes a great deal of preparation and husbandry. This process is vital to ensure you can gain a clear understanding of your deer population and can make the right choices when it comes to selecting the appropriate animals to cull.