12 Reasons to Own a New Hi-Point 1095TS 10mm Carbine in Realtree EDGE


Have You Seen This New Gun in Realtree EDGE?


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1 | Inexpensive

The 1095TS is economical.

With a suggested retail $369.00 in black and $399.00 for camo, the Hi-Point Carbine comes in at half or even a third the cost of similar rifles available in 10mm Auto. With such a low price, shooters can splurge a bit on optics and accessories and still have a reasonably priced setup.

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Camp or Ranch

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2 | Camp or Ranch

The 1095TS is the perfect camp/ranch gun.

Looking for a gun to keep around camp for pest control, plinking, or as a backup for a guest hunter who forgot to bring a gun or had a malfunction? The 1095TS works for all of those. Tough and reliable, the 1095TS stands up to the beating that a camp rifle sometimes receives. At just over 32 inches in length, the rifle makes a dandy survival/bug out gun as well.

The compact size makes the rifle the perfect choice for a truck gun. Toss it behind the seat, hang it from a gun rack, or even slide it under the seat if your state allows out-of-site carry in your vehicle. With its tank-tough build, you can have plenty of confidence that the 1095TS will stand up to miles and miles of travel. The Tactical Case available from Hi-Point is perfect for transporting your rifle. The case features plenty of padding and pouches for extra magazines. 

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Made in America

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3 | Made in America

The 1095TS is made in America and with a no-questions-asked lifetime warranty.

The Ohio-based company prides itself on being an American-made firearm. Their no-questions-asked warranty is one of the best in the business. Whether you purchased the firearm new, or you are the third, fourth, or even ninth owner, if something goes wrong, Hi-Point will fix it.

From the Hi-Point website: “Damage, age, and plain old wear and tear – these things happen. When they do, Hi-Point customers enjoy a lifetime, no-questions-asked warranty. And lifetime means just that  –  free repairs for the life of the gun, whether you are the first owner, or the third. Hi-Point service is fast, friendly and expertly performed. Your firearm will be back in action and good as new, in no time.”

That’s hard to beat in any price range.

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Realtree EDGE

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4 | Realtree EDGE

The 1095TS is available in Realtree EDGE.

While the base color for the 1095TS is black, it is one of the first firearms on the market available in the new Realtree EDGE pattern. EDGE features an abstract background with realistic limbs and leaves in the foreground to allow for seamless concealment in a variety of hunting environments. Leaves of varying shades and colors create a random pattern, and a variety of crisscrossing branches with highlights and shadows disrupt shapes and blend into just about any setting.

Not only does the Realtree EDGE look great on the gun, it helps to keep the gun hidden from sharp-eyed game in to just about any environment.

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Close-Range Deer

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5 | Close-Range Deer

The 1095TS makes a great close-range deer rifle.

With more and more previously shotgun-only deer states now allowing straight-walled pistol cartridges, the 10mm auto round makes the Hi-Point Carbine line a legitimate deer rifle. By lengthening the barrel to 17.5 inches, the already powerful 10mm cartridge builds considerably more down-range energy. Many of the +P loads available will approach or exceed 1000fps, making the rifle more than adequate on deer-sized big game at moderate ranges.

The 32-inch overall length makes the rifle perfect for deer hunters who prefer to spend their time in a ground blind. The short rifle is perfect for those times when the deer may come from multiple directions and you need to be able to fire from multiple windows without excessive movement.

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Close-Range Predator

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6 | Close-Range Predator

The 1095TS is perfect for close-range predator hunting.

Not all predator hunting takes place in open fields. If you hunt tight cover or hardwood lots, and you want a bit more range than you get with a shotgun, then try the 1095TS. The compact size is just the thing for tight work and the low recoil and semi-auto action allow for fast follow up shots when more than one target comes in at a time.

The 10mm round is more than adequate for shots out to 100 yards.

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Factory Ammo

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7 | Factory Ammo

Factory ammo is readily available in a number of bullet weights and styles.

From screaming-fast lightweight 60-grain bullets to heavy hollow points pushing 200 grains or more, you can find the perfect factory ammo for just about any situation. The popularity of the 10mm round in handguns has given manufacturers plenty of reason to come up with new loads and bullet choices.

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Young Shooters

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8 | Young Shooters

The 1095TS is the perfect size for young shooters.

With its compact length and a fairly substantial weight for its size, the 1095TS makes a great rifle for young shooters. Even with snappy +P loads, recoil is manageable for all shooters. With the optional forearm grip installed, control of the rifle is easy on the range or in the field.

While the gun is easy to control and shoot, it isn’t quiet. Adequate hearing protection is most important for shooters, especially youngsters, to tame the sharp report from the close muzzle.

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9 | Accuracy

The 1095TS is accurate.

No matter what ammo we ran through it, 50-yard groups with the 1095 were impressive, often printing ragged, one-hole groups. That sort of accuracy is hard to find in a short carbine rifle. Accuracy was more than adequate for hunting.

The 6-pound trigger pull is on the heavy side, but it's smooth and breaks crisply for easy accuracy. Our test rifle came equipped with a 1.5-5x32 Diamond Duplex Konus Scope, perfect for close-range hunting situations.

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Home Defense

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10 | Home Defense

The 1095TS makes a great home-defense gun.

Much easier to control than a handgun, the carbine is perfect as a home defense weapon. Compact and easy to conceal, the 1095TS can be hidden just about anywhere so that it is close at hand if the need arises.

Easy mounting options for optics, lights or lasers allow for customization to fit any home defense need. Ten-round magazines with stock-mounted holders for additional mags provide plenty of firepower.

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11 | Versatility

The 1095TS is versatile.

While the rifle comes with ghost ring sights, Weaver style accessory rails make mounting optics, lights, and lasers a snap. The rifle comes with a 9.5-inch sight rail and a 4.5 accessory rail at 6 o’clock on the forearm. The 17.5-inch barrel is also threaded for additional accessories.

Side-mounted sling swivels allow for easy carry in the field or on the range. The test rifle came equipped with three magazines, sling and sling swivels, and a pair of stock-mounted magazine holders.


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Shooting Fun

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12 | Shooting Fun

The 1095TS is fun to shoot.

Maybe the most important measure of a rifle’s value, this gun is fun. Both on the range and in the field. To a person, everyone who shot the rifle smiled after pulling the trigger. That initial reaction was almost immediately followed by additional shots. You can burn through some ammo in a hurry with this little rifle.

That ease of shooting makes for lots of target practice, great for shooters of any age. After a bit of testing with cheek positions on the rubber stock pad, the 1095TS is comfortable to shoot for extended periods of time.

Hi-Point's 10mm carbine in Realtree EDGE.

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Expanding on their wildly popular line of carbine rifles, Hi-Point has started 2018 with the long-anticipated release of its 1095TS in the more powerful 10mm auto caliber. The potent 10mm auto adds greatly to the versatility of the Hi-Point Carbine line. After extensively testing the new rifle, we have been impressed. Think you need one? Here are a few reasons you might:

Model Number: 1095TS

Barrel: 17.5 inches, threaded barrel (0.578x28TPI)

Caliber: 10mm Automatic

Sight: Iron with ghost ring

Overall length: 32 inches

Weight:7 pounds

Capacity: One 10-round magazine with each carbine

Trigger: 6-pound single-stage

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