Camouflage Christmas 2012


1 | Ameristep Carnivore Ground Blind

The Ameristep Carnivore Ground Blind features Ameristep’s exclusive Poly-Cotton outer shell for reduced noise and sheen. In addition, the Carnivore boasts industry-leading technology with a proprietary cotton-to-poly ratio in the outer shell. The heavy duty Spider Hub Technology combined with a solid glass rod framework creates durability from the inside out for fast and easy setup and take-down.

2 | Badlands Bio-thermic Hunting Apparel

Badlands new Bio-thermic hunting apparel features a number of impressive technologies. For example, nonchafing, highly breathable fabrics are combined with extremely stretchable substrates resulting in an extremely effective and warm base layer. The midlayers are manufactured with articulated elbows and knees to maximize flexibility while staying warm with Hex-Lite fleece lining. The outer layers are built for arctic conditions. With pants, a bib and two high performance jackets, the Bio-thermic apparel line provides you with a variety of choices. 

3 | Bushnell G-Force 1300 ARC Laser Rangefinder

The Bushnell G-Force 1300 ARC Laser Rangefinder features ranging capabilities out to 1,300 yards reflective, 900 yards to objects such as trees and 500 yards to deer. It has a 6x magnification eyepiece with adjustable diopter setting. The unit is fully waterproof and has the patented Bushnell RainGuard HD permanent lens coating for a clear, bright view in inclement weather. 

4 | Milwaukee M12 Cordless Realtree AP Heated Jacket

The Milwaukee M12 Cordless Realtree AP Heated Jacket utilizes multilayered fabric technology to actively warm the body and stimulate blood circulation. The jacket features a fleece inner liner and durable carbon fiber heating elements in the chest and upper back, as well as in lower pockets controlled independently of the core heating elements to provide increased warmth to the hands.

5 | Under Armour Rut Scent Control Jacket

The Under Armour Rut Scent Control Jacket features exclusive Uner Armour Scent Control technology, which masks you from your prey. It lasts 10 times longer than traditional carbon scent blockers and is quieter and lighter. The ultra-quiet construction prevents the telltale rubbing of fabrics, so you remain silent and stealthy in the field. 

6 | Hoyt Spyder Series

The new Hoyt Spyder series is built to adapt to its surroundings. The Hoyt Spyder 30, sporting a 30-inch axle-to-axle configuration, is the lightest aluminum riser Hoyt has ever built. It’s small, compact and lightweight, but still exceptionally strong, passing a 1,500 dry fire test with ease. The Spyder Turbo shoots at an amazing 340-feet-per-second thanks to the legendary, rocket-fast, RKT Cam and ½. It also comes equipped with the latest in vibrations and damping technology; the patent pending AirShox. 

7 | Carhartt Camo AP Fleece Hat

Carhartt’s Camo AP Fleece Hat 2-in-1 headwear converts to a hat with a face mask for extra warmth. It can be worn with the face mask tucked into the hat as well. The hat is made of 100 percent polyester fleece with Realtree AP camo fabric, while the pull-down face mask is made of a 90 percent polyester/10 percent spandex fleece blend. The face mask includes a moisture-wicking and anti-microbial finish.


The CVA ACCURA MR, which stands for “Mountain Rifle,” joins the ACCURA V2 models, which are particularly known for the extreme accuracy of their Bergara barrels. Using an aluminum frame rather than steel makes this gun much lighter than most muzzleloaders at just 6.35 pounds. This weight advantage, combined with the compact 25-inch barrel, make the ACCURA MR extremely maneuverable with a fit and ease of target acquisition that is reminiscent of a custom-made rifle. 

9 | Buck Knives Omni Hunter

The Omni Hunter fixed-blade hunting knife has an emphasis on ergonomics and durability. The 10PT Omnis are a little smaller than the 12PT in order to give hunters a choice in size that best fits their needs. Combine Buck Knives preferred 420HC steel with the camo handle of Alcryn rubber and this knife is ready for anything. The standard drop-point blade, or Buck’s patented Zipper gut hook is designed for quick and confident field dressing.

10 | Thompson/Center Pro Hunter FX

Designed around the popular Pro Hunter platform, the new Thompson/Center Pro Hunter FX muzzleloader combines the advanced features of the Pro Hunter rifle with Thompson/Center’s solid reputation for durability and performance in the field. Separating it from the other muzzleloaders in the line, the Pro Hunter FX is standard with a fixed .50 caliber barrel that is not interchangeable with other barrel configurations. Instead, the muzzleloader sports a 26-inch fluted barrel with patented QLA (Quick Load Accurizer) for enhanced accuracy.

11 | Bear Motive 6

Powered by the Bear Synchronized Hybrid Cam System, the Bear Motive 6’s H13 Cams are both the brains and brawn behind this bow, achieving blazing speeds while maintaining a smooth, comfortable draw cycle. H13 Cams are designed with a rotating module, allowing you to make draw length adjustments without the use of a bow press or any additional modules. The design gives you the same efficiency and improved nock travel no matter the draw length.

12 | Franchi Affinity Compact

Integrating form and function, the Franchi Affinity Compact is ideal for both young and small-statured shooters. It’s a sleek, perfectly balanced, semi-automatic shotgun that’s driven by the ultra-reliable Inertia system. The key feature of the Compact is its adjustable buttstock, which starts with a 12 ⅜-inch length-of-pull (LOP), and to which spacers can be added in ¼-inch increments, increasing the LOP to 13 ⅜-inches. As a young shooter grows, so grows the gun. When the time is appropriate, a full-size buttstock can be fitted to the Affinity Compact. 

13 | Benelli Super Vinci

The Benelli Super Vinci is designed to handle 3 ½-inch Magnum loads. At the heart of the Super Vinci is the In-Line Inertia Driven system, which has been designed to reliably chamber light 2 ¾-inch loads up through the most powerful 3 ½-inch Magnums. The Super Vinci features Practical Speed Performance (PSP) -- the practical “speed” shooters seek, which becomes a matter of how fast you can shoulder the gun, acquire the target, shoot and recover from the recoil to prepare for the next shot. 

14 | Costa Realtree AP Camo Sunglasses

Available in Costa’s popular Fantail, Blackfin, Double Haul and Zane limited edition styles, the Costa Realtree AP Camo Sunglasses are the perfect gift for the avid angler or hunter. Each of the four Costa styles offer superior wrap shape to protect against glare, proprietary anti-fog vents in the frame front, sturdy integral hinges and nearly indestructible co-injected nylon construction. 

15 | New Holland Rustler

The New Holland Rustler camouflage edition, available in Realtree MAX-4, provides the perfect balance of capability and performance. The Rustler's engines offer best-in-class power, torque and efficiency, so you can enjoy the thrill of the ride while you power through tough terrain. The New Holland Rustler comes in three models, the Rustler 115, the Rustler 120 and the Rustler 125. The camouflage edition is ideal for the hunting enthusiast who likes to work hard and play hard. 

16 | Stoeger X20 Suppressor

The Stoeger X20 Suppressor employs Air Flow Control (AFC) technology and boasts the Dual-Stage Noise Reduction System. By combining the functions of an internal air-regulator ring and baffles that work in tandem, noise is greatly reduced. The air-regulator ring has four decompression holes that bleed off most of the compressed air before the pellet even enters the baffles. The remaining compressed air dissipates throughout the baffles further reducing noise.