New Hunting Gear from the 2013 SHOT Show


1 | Weston

Weston produces some of the best game-processing equipment on the market (and we say that because we actually use it). But they’ve had one glaring item missing from their lineup: seasoning kits. Sausage, especially, but also jerky, is difficult to mix properly without the right blend of spices and seasonings perfectly portioned for the meat you’re preparing. We’ve had better luck buying pre-mixed packages of seasoning and cure than attempting to mix up our own. Weston is now offering dry and liquid seasonings for both sausage and jerky. It’s made with all-natural ingredients, available in numerous flavors and you can purchase it by the bottle or in ready-to-use kits. The jerky kit, for example, costs $24.99.

2 | Leica Rangemaster 1000R

Leica pioneered laser rangefinding technology, and to this day makes some of the highest quality rangefinders on the market. Although its GeoVid HD-B rangefinding binoculars stole most of the attention at the Leica booth, its newest dedicated rangefinder, the Rangemaster 1000R, caught our eye. This little gem offers line-of-sight ranging to 1,000 yards, and angle compensating ability from 10 to 600 yards. It also has a cool range scanning feature where you can hold the ranging button down, pan the rangefinder across a given area and get multiple ranges in one reading. These rangefinders operate with what Leica calls a multi-gated return that cuts down on false readings due to rain, fog and even underbrush. The Rangemaster 1000R is compact enough for a shirt pocket, retails for $599 and comes with a two-year warranty.

3 | Nikon Pro-Staff 5 Series

The Pro-Staff 5 Series is the newest in Nikon’s riflescope line. These scopes have high-quality glass and components with midrange price tags. The lineup starts with a 2.5x10x40 model for $269 and runs up the price spectrum to a 4.5x18x40 with an illuminated reticle for $579. The lighted reticle versions (available in the above mentioned power, as well as a 3.5x14x50 version) were especially neat. Rather than mount the electronics for the crosshair illumination on the body of the scope itself, these are stacked onto the parallax adjustment turret. The crosshairs have two colors—green or red—and each color has five brightness adjustment settings.

4 | Columbia River Knife and Tool

Shopping for a good lock-blade, workhorse of a folding knife? You might as well get one with a Realtree Xtra finish. The Shenanigan, a Ken Onion design from Columbia River Knife and Tool, is a beefy lockblade with CRKT’s speedy one-handed opening system. It’s lightweight, too, with a comfortable, glass-filled nylon handle. The knife retails for $69.99.

5 | Spyderco

Spyderco might be best known for their tactical-style, one-handed folding knives, but any hunter who likes to get his hands dirty will appreciate a Spyderco blade. They’re constructed with VG 10 stainless steel, a Japanese steel that holds an edge but is easy to sharpen. This year, Spyderco introduced an all-new line of fixed-blade knives called the Enuff series. The idea behind the name is that the knives are “enough” for whatever task might be at hand. The blades are relatively short, but the handles and spines are hefty and beefy—perfect for tedious skinning chores. Hunters will want the clip-point blade for most game-cleaning purposes. The knives come with a molded ambidextrous Kydex sheath and retail for $179.95. 

6 | Haydels Candied Carbon Kwacker

The Haydels have been making hard-working, effective duck calls for more than 30 years. With longevity like that, it's hard to believe they could come up with anything new. This year, they found a way with their new Candied Carbon Kwacker series of calls. An expansion of the popular Carbon Kwacker line, the new Candied calls have a metallic-type finish and retail for $49.95.

7 | MOJO Pick Stick

MOJO Outdoors put a lot of effort into several new turkey hunting products this year, including a fully mechanical gobbler decoy with a fanning tail. But of particular interest to its duck hunting allegiance is the new MOJO Pick Stick. Ever spent a morning picking through the mud to retrieve spent hulls? It’s kind of a pain. But this magnetic, expandable rod picks up spent shotgun hulls one after the other, without having to bend over in your waders, leaving behind clean blinds and happy landowners. Retail price is $24.99.

8 | Final Approach Honker Series

Final Approach has redesigned their popular Honker Series of full-bodied goose decoys to become more hunter-friendly. The components of these decoys all snap together quickly and easily, and are interchangeable. The decoys now feature three body styles: feeder, upright and sentry, with flocked heads in corresponding positions. FA has redesigned the motion stakes as well. These use the stretch cords that attach the decoy to the motion stake. It seems to be a pretty good system, and one that’s appearing more frequently on today’s full-body decoys. All together, these revisions make for a more practical product. Price for a half-dozen Honkers is $199.95.

9 | Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Max

Bushnell has improved a number of its cameras for 2013 including the ever-popular Trophy Cam. The Trophy Cam HD Max is now available in Realtree Xtra and boasts improved clarity and the ability to capture both video and still images simultaneously. 

10 | Wildgame Innovations Crush Cameras

Forget everything you think you know about Wildgame Innovations trail cameras. The new Crush lineup is completely different. Wildgame has teamed up with Lee and Tiffany Lakoski to release a full line of Crush cameras that boast features not yet seen in trail cameras including touch-screen functionality. The Crush 8 Cell offers MMS messaging of images (text messaging), 1-second trigger speed, an exposure control system for clearer images and black LED flash technology. It also has a built-in color viewer. Flash range is listed at 65 feet. The Cell 5 boasts many of the features of the Cell 8 with a 55-foot flash range. Both cameras are set to take up to 60,000 images on four D-cell batteries. The Crush 12 is a compact camera unit that features touch-screen functionality and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack. It also boasts 1-second trigger speeds, built-in color LCD viewer and 60-foot flash range. All told, Wildgame Innovations is offering more than a dozen new trail camera models for 2013 and the majority are available wrapped in new Realtree Xtra camo. 

11 | Otterbox Realtree Xtra Cases

You’d be hard-pressed to find a company that’s more thoroughly dominated its product category than Otterbox. Otterbox produces protective cases for electronic devices – namely phones and tablets. At the 2013 SHOT Show, Otterbox unveiled new cases that feature Realtree’s new Xtra pattern in both brown and green. The Xtra pattern is available in the Defender series for iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3. In late February, Otterbox will also offer Realtree patterns on a new iPad case. 

12 | TruGlo Gobble Stopper

TruGlo introduces the Gobble Stopper, new in the line of the Triton series of red dot sights made for turkey guns. All of the Triton series optics come in three reticle colors: red, green or blue. Turkey hunters will appreciate the circle around the dot for target acquisition. In Realtree APG finish, the optic also features a sunshade, which not only keeps the sun glare off the hunter’s eye, but also takes the glare off the other end of the optic that might catch a turkey’s eye. A hunter can place the pressure pad on a gun within easy reach and use a pressure switch to turn on the optic. The juice for the battery doesn’t come on until the switch is on, saving battery power. At the flagship level, the Gobble Stopper sells for $129.

13 | Hunter's Specialties Strut Lounger

You might think the words “strut” and “lounger” sound oxymoronic, but not when applied to turkey hunting. Hunter’s Specialties introduced the Strut Lounger in a khaki canvas with Realtree Xtra Green trim. The seat takes the load off the lower back, and allows you to sit anywhere, yet come up into a shooting position. No trees required. The guys at Hunter’s Specialties said they just spread cedar branches and other cover around themselves when using these chairs. One turkey hunter said he can last at least six hours in the Strut Lounger, which measures 20 inches wide, 17 inches deep and touts a 23-inch tall backrest. It can hold up to 300 pounds of hunter. The chair comes with a carry strap.It retails for $98. 

14 | Zippo 4-in-1 Woodsman

It’s a mallet! It’s a stake puller! It’s a bow saw! It’s a hatchet! It’s the soon-to-be-released Zippo 4-in-1 Woodsman. The bow saw can cut oak up to 4 inches in diameter. The hatchet features a 5-inch blade, and you can store two extra blades inside the handle. It's lightweight, user-friendly and safe. The Woodsman will retail for $70 to $80. (Michelle Cerino shows the product, and can hardly wait to try it this spring in the woods.) 

15 | Bad Boy Buggies

Brandon Haddock, director of communications for Bad Boy Buggies, says that the company upgraded and redesigned the entire line of the sports buggies “from the ground up” last fall. The line includes four models: Recoil, Recoil iS, Instinct and Ambush. The Recoil and Recoil iS are fully electric, four-wheel vehicles that feature 72-volt AC electric drivetrains, an upgrade from the former 48-volt DC. This improvement doubles the mileage and the buggies have been tested in cypress swamps and deep sand and everything in between. Haddock says these buggies maintain consistent performance, and have been outfitted with four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes, three-point safety belts, an operator-protected structural cage and either a cargo bed or another seat for two more passengers. After market accessories are available. Finished in Realtree Xtra for the show, the standard finishes are flame red, matte black, matte green and Realtree AP. The Recoil iS is the most expensive and sells for about $13,500.