Knight Rifles Makes A Comeback!

In 1985, Knight Rifles pioneered the modern inline muzzleloader. Today, Knight Rifles is proud to announce they will continue in the tradition of muzzleloader hunting.

Knight Rifles launched its 2011 gun lineup on their website ( this past week. These will be the first rifles to be manufactured under the new ownership of P.I. Inc., located in Athens, Tennessee. Rifle production will be in Athens, while warranty and gunsmith work will be done in the Centerville, Iowa location.

With this launch Knight announces a brand new rifle, the "Mountaineer".
This rifle has been in the works since before Knight was acquired last March.Brand manager, Gordy Edwards says, "I believe this rifles performance will surpass even the best of rifles manufactured in the past, with the unique ignition system built around the use of Blackhorn 209 powder, we are very excited about it."

"We've already received great feedback and anticipation from customers who haven't been able to purchase a Knight for the past 2 years'" says Sam Brocato, sales manager.

Knight Rifles plans to begin production in February with shipments beginning in May.