Kandi Kisky

Kandi  co-owns Kisky Productions with her husband Don. Kandi started hunting when she met Don in 1990. Since ththat fateful day, she's taken numerous large bucks with her top five grossing  more than 160 B&C each, with her largest being 188".  

Kandi and Don are farmers by trade and cherish the simple family life that comes from living in Iowa.  Kandi and Don have a son, Kaleb, who loves the outdoors as much as his parents and is now an accomplished hunter.  They also have a very adorable daughter, Kaylee, who will be tagging along in the woods before you know it.

Kandi is featured in various publications and you can see her hunts on Whitetails Taking it to the Extreme, Whitetail Country, Realtree Monster Bucks, NAW Television, Huntmasters, SHE Safari, and most recent on their own TV show Whitetail Freaks that airs on Outdoor Channel.