Karin Holder

Growing up in the suburbs of Washington, DC, hunting was not the weekend choice for many, however Karin and her family would escape to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia to spend most of their time.  It is here that Karin learned the importance and culture of hunting, although at that time the girls in the family were not encouraged to hunt, they did partake in scouting, planning, skinning and preparing the wild game for dinner!  That changed when she met her now husband, David Holder and with his support began her hunting lifestyle. 


David and I have since had two boys, Warren and Easton and our family has become tightly woven into the outdoors.  Some of our fondest memories have been created while we were hunting.  Karin feels as though hunting has created a unbreakable bond between her and her boys due to participating in the lifestyle with them.  We have shared success, laughter, tears and joy together, which in her view is what it is all about.


Karin has been hunting now for over twenty five years and has been blessed with many successful bow and gun hunts.  What she enjoys most is sharing that passion with other women and hunters and inspiring them to step out of the box and try something new.  Karin is able to accomplish this through the popular series, Raised Hunting and also through the families non profit organization, Raised At Full Draw. 

For more information please visit www.raisedhunting.com