Kayla Nevius


Kayla Nevius is from a small town in California. Surrounded by mountains with a lake and river just a few minutes from home her passion for the outdoors was embedded in her from a young age. As soon as she could walk, she started fishing. When she was old enough to legally hunt, she stopped begging at the door and was finally able to join in.

Kayla enjoys pretty much everything outdoors but spends most of her free time hunting and fishing. 

She grew up fishing for trout, crappie, bass and the occasional catfish, crawfishing, frog gigging, and bowfishing carp. Catching tuna, yellowtail, and dorado in the ocean quickly became a favorite of hers as well. Fishing turned from a hobby to an obsession when she started throwing large trout swimbaits targeting big largemouth bass. 

Kayla grew up hunting local public California land for rabbits, dove, quail, ducks, and deer. Hunting was always about spending time in the beautiful outdoors and being able to put food on the table. Coming home to clean the animals from that days harvest and prepare them for dinner always intrigued her. Every meal provided from a hunt brought up story telling memories that gave so much more meaning and appreciation to the food nourishing her families bodies.  Kayla was raised a rifle hunter but picked up archery as an adult. Although Ca public land deer hunting was challenging enough, she enjoyed the extra challenge of archery. 

Shooting a bow forced Kayla to learn more and become an even better hunter, just like swimbait fishing for big bass. It’s like there was a switch flipped that ignited the desire to take what she loved doing to the next level. She enjoyed the challenges and went all in. She didn’t have anyone to teach her about archery or swimbait fishing, but she was eager to learn. From that year on, her free time has mostly been spent bass fishing and deer hunting. Although she still enjoys the other types of fishing and hunting on occasion, her obsession is bass and deer. Although she learned the basics of fishing and hunting at a young age she never really learned enough to be as successful as she wanted to be. Nobody who sees her successes truly understands how much time, effort, energy, and struggle has been spent for that success to happen. Fishing every single day before work, after work, and on weekends. That time on the water has been her biggest teacher and that’s what’s brought her the big bass she’s caught. Hunting every day of the deer season and spending countless days scouting before hand. The amount of miles hiked in preparation and day after day during the season without taking days off because “that could be the day”. Her perseverance has given her success. 

Aside from her love for the outdoors, one of Kayla’s other passions is helping others. She graduated from college with a BA in Child, Adolescent, and Family Studies with a minor in Psychology. She has been a youth counselor, juvenile corrections officer, intervention teacher, and is currently a recovery coordinator. When a youth is struggling with challenges academic, behavioral, emotional, social, etc. they always hold a special place in her heart.

Kayla hopes that by sharing her life through social media she can inspire people to live the life they want to life. To spend more time enjoying the outdoors and less time letting life pass them by!