Krysten McDaniel

Growing up in an small town in southwestern Indiana, Krysten was raised like most little girls playing with dolls and learning to put on make-up, but her grandpa looked past the ribbons and frills and introduced her to the outdoors at an early age. Everyday after school they would go fishing or target shooting except during the spring and fall when there was work to be done in the field.  However, it wasn’t until her husband took her turkey hunting for the first time that Krysten truly fell in love with the outdoors.  She not only harvested her first animal ever but to make it even better, it was a nice longbeard.  Her husband’s love for hunting rubbed off on her and from that moment on, she was hooked.  Not long after, Krysten wanted to take her love of hunting to the next level and soon got her first bow.  Shooting a bow came as more of a challenge to her than shooting guns but Krysten loved the challenge or archery. 


            Over a decade since Krysten’s first hunt, her passion for hunting and the outdoors has only grown stronger, and has since become an avid archer.  She has been blessed with the opportunity to hunt all over the country and the world.  Even though she enjoys any type of hunting her passion is big mature whitetail deer.  There is no such thing as “off season” for Krysten and her husband Josh.  When they are not hunting, they are scouting, hanging stands, food plotting, shooting, or checking trail cameras.  Krysten also has a passion for photography and videography.  When she doesn’t have a bow or gun in hand, Krysten can be found behind the video camera capturing the hunt.


            Krysten loves sharing her passion for the outdoors with other women and children and introducing them to the sport.  She encourages women to break barriers and proves that they can do what they love without changing who they are.  She has been a mentor of the Indiana Chapter of Ray Howell’s Kicking Bear One-On-One Program.  The program gives mentors the opportunity to introduce children to the outdoors that would not be introduced to the sport otherwise.  Krysten is also on the Under Armour Women’s Hunt Team.  The team is made up of unique, strong, independent women from all over the US and Canada that empower, educate, and encourage female hunters in the outdoors.


            August 2015 Krysten was featured in North American Whitetail magazine and was the second woman to ever grace the cover since the magazine was established in 1982.

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