Kyle Barefield

Kyle Barefield 34, lives in Monroe, LA and is the Co-Owner of Resistance Media LLC and the Executive Producer, Editor, and Co-Host of All Things Hunting. He is one of the Co-Hosts of Realtree’s Whitetail TV. He is also an account manager and Media Content Manager for Insights Hunting. He also Co-owns Addicted Outdoors Design Sourcing company but would rather hunt every day of his life if possible. Sometimes growing up you see that kid that you know is destined to be a professional athlete just by the work ethic he has, and the time he spends perfecting his craft. If there were such thing as a professional hunter, then you would have said Kyle was going to be that from early on. Kyle grew up in an old aluminum boat chasing bucks and ducks in the bayous of Louisiana. He spent every waking moment thinking about and participating in the outdoor lifestyle that was taught to him by his father and grandfather at an early age. The obsession has been growing stronger ever since. In high school he hung up his football and baseball cleats to spend more time in the woods and has documented all of his hunts with a video camera ever since. Most of Kyle’s hunts are self-produced from the field to the edit and he strives to make a difference in outdoor TV. He doesn’t settle for par and is constantly looking to sharpen his edge on creating a truly entertaining hunts for others to view.

Email:  [email protected]