Kyle Wieter

I am a, “Blue Collar kind of guy”, and was proudly in the sheet metal trade for

18 years. I have two children, my son Logan "Buck", and my daughter Jessie

"Brownie" and have been fortunate enough to find the love of my life, Linda

Sanchez Smith. We live in Central Illinois and are what you would call, “A

Hunting Family”.

I have been an avid bowhunter for over 30 years and have focused my

attention exclusively on hunting mature bucks for more than 2 decades. By

doing so, it has given me a much better understanding on how to hunt/

harvest these “Ultimate Survival Machines”. I have been extremely fortunate

to have harvested 28 mature bucks with a bow during this period, all under

100% fair chase conditions, with my biggest buck grossing 202 1/8"s.

In 2005, Adrenaline Outdoors Productions was created to produce my own

television show to showcase deer management and help educate the hunter.

It's been a wild ride so far, and with the help of Realtree we have been able to

build rock solid relationships with sponsors we truly believe in. I look forward

to a very long future of working together with Realtree to bring top quality

hunting and education to the masses.

The Adrenaline television show currently airs on Sportsman Channel.

Adrenalize Your Hunt!!!!!

TV SHOW (host& appearances): Adrenaline/ Elite Archery's Respect The

Game / Realtree Monster Bucks